2013 April Newsletter – News That Rocked the Internet

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Happy Birthday World Wide WebApril has been a relatively short month but full of interesting tech news. From Mark Zuckerberg’s possible teenage website, (Pre-Facebook), to the new “Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act”, CISPA, failing to adequately address our privacy rights.

Here is a recap of what happened in the month of April 2013 on the Internet and the best tips and reviews of all things tech in case you missed it.

April Top Tech News

Happy 40th birthday to the cell phone – with the release of the first cell phone in 1973, you could place a phone call and get a workout at the same time. After all, the phone weighed 2.5 pounds.

  • The HTC One will be available for pre-order. Will you get one?
  • Apple New spaceship-style Campus Cost Seen Jumping to $5 Billion.
  • Happy 36th Birthday to Microsoft!
  • A New Way to Find Music: Twitter Music Site, “music.twitter.com”, goes live!
  • Word Press suffered bonet massive attacks – backend password compromised.
  • Utah residents to get Google’s Fiber uber-fast Internet service.
  • Do you know what’s worse than SOPA and PIPA? It’s called “CISPA” (Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act) and it would allow any private company such as Google or Facebook to give any data collected on you when asked by a government agency. Anonymous has asked that many website owners blackout their websites to protest against CISPA. Dubbed “Internet Blackout Day”
  • Google Street View spreads to 50 countries. Street View cars have covered over 5 million miles of roadway.
  • Happy 10th Birthday, iTunes
  • Time Warner Cable announces free Wi-Fi Hotspots in Austin, Texas.

Our Product Reviews

  • Love Instagram? Here are some photo tips and expert advice to help you reach power user status.
  • VerticalResponse makes marketing easier. It combines your email marketing endeavors with your social networking to help you improve your company’s reach in today’s computer-based world.
  • Protect and accelerate your website in 5 minutes. With a simple DNS switch, Incapsula enhances your website security & performance without installing any hardware/software.
  • When it comes to working online, there are many times when photography and illustrations are needed and that is where iStockphoto comes in.
  • Secrets to writing a killer email.
  • The king of marketing advise – MarketingProfs

Tech Rumors

  • Apple’s next iPhone has a possible release date, June 20.
  • Next Xbox: Microsoft sets big reveal for May 21.

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