2013 March Newsletter – News that Rocked the Tech World

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Google Car in PeruIt was March madness in the world of tech. From numerous Facebook updates to phone rumors and SXSW.

Here is a quick recap of the top events in March 2013 on the Internet and the best tips and reviews of all things tech in case you missed them.

March Top Tech News!

  • Google car off the coast of Peru (pictured) by our Social Media Manager, Anthony.
  • Biggest cyber attack in the history of the Internet happened and web traffic slowed around the world. Were you affected?
  • Get ready to see “Sign in with Google” next to those “Sign in with Facebook / Twitter” prompts in various services.
  • “People love cats” said Nyon cat creator, Chris Torres, when speaking to Pete Cashmore at the Mashable Variety Show during Day 4 of South by Southwest in Austin. Couldn’t make it to the festival 2013 Interactive Festival? Here’s a quick recap from our Director or Marketing!
  • Get Ready for #Facebook #Hashtags Would this feature ruin posts? What do you think?
  • Google reader announced via their blog they are going to shut down the service July 1, 2013. Our team was personally heartbroken. What do you think?

Facebook Facelift

  • Finally offering a reply feature for company pages, user can now reply directly to comments left on their page.
  • Rolling out multiple news feeds [feeds for different types of content]. A major redesign overall.
  • Adding a weather feature for event goers.
  • And they’re changing the design yet again now with multiple news feeds.
  • We are still waiting to see if Graph Search will actually roll out to all users… we kind of hope not.

Our Product Reviews and Tips

  • Digital etiquette: Find out what your email etiquette says about you.
  • Online streaming boxes showdown: Apple TV vs. Roku 3 vs. Boxee Box vs. WD TV Play vs. Google TV. Read the full review.
  • Looking for a tool to track, schedule and keep up with your social media accounts? Check out our Sprout Social review of one of our team’s favorite web tools. Internally, we all it the Holy Grail of Social Media Management.

Tech Rumors

  • Alleged Galaxy S4 Photos Leaked before Launch.
  • Google Joins Apple and Samsung on the Smart Watch Battle.
  • Apple patents flexible wrap-around display for future iPhone.
  • The new gaming console set named “OUYA” to hit stores on June 4th.

Anthony brings over 7 years of social media experience with the past couple years focused on managing social media efforts for Cover Story Media's brands on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Anthony is an avid sportsman who surfs and plays tennis. He is also a very sociable guy and avid Mac user.

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You have shared a tremendous article here. This article has the whole news that rocked the tech world in March 2013. It was nice to read about the cyber attack in the history of the Internet, which slowed the Internet around the world. I was wondering what the actual reason behind this was and were the criminals who did this were arrested. anti snoring

Kimberly Alt
Kimberly Alt

We do many recaps over the year and include them in our newsletter as well. Feel free to sign up. It comes out once a month! Thanks for reading and commenting Mather!



I don’t doubt that there’s more hacking attacks on the way. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Internet as a whole went down one day.


This is a great resource, appreciate the tech news recap guys!!


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