2013 October Newsletter – News That Rocked The Web

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OSx mavericksAnother month full of exciting news coming from Apple: New iPads (iPad Air & iPad Mini), MacBooks, Mac Pro and much more, including a free update to their latest iOS for Macs. In case you missed this and other cool tech stories, here is the tech news recap for October 2013.

October Top Tech News, Rumors, Releases and Highlights

  • Facebook partnering with big businesses to provide free Wi-Fi with just a Facebook check-in
  • Wal-Mart slashes the price of the iPhone5c to $45 with a two-year contract
  • Ads on Instagram are here!
  • Google makes mobile search faster by 200-400 milliseconds
  • Rumor: Analysts predict Apple’s next iPhone will have a 4.8-inch screen
  • Flexible smartphones in 2014
  • Apple will be launching its smartwatch iWatch in 2014 & may sell 10 Million units in first year
  • Yahoo’s email gets a makeover. Looks a lot like Gmail…
  • New iPads airs are coming soon
  • Huge tablets will become the norm in other newsrooms according to Fox News
  • Facebook won’t let you have some privacy: Eliminates feature that allowed users to hide from graph search
  • Microsoft’s Bing search engine ads get infected with malware
  • iPhone 5 ‘Blue Screen of Death’ appears on some iPhone 5 users’ devices
  • Facebook rolls out a new version of ‘Page Insights’ to all pages owners
  • Google announced that it would use your face and name in ads
  • Samsung working on its own Glass, which is expected to be available in April or May 2014. Dubbed the ‘Gear Glass’
  • HTC will be launching its own version of the iPhone’s fingerprint scanner feature on a new smartphone.
  • Microsoft enhances Outlook.com Android app with a bunch of new features
  • Google’s upcoming Nexus 5 leaked in video
  • Facebook is currently testing a “Follow” button feature for Pages
  • The second phone with a fingerprint scanner has arrived: The HTC One Max
  • Google smartwatch code-named ‘Gem’ coming sooner than expected
  • Deep-sea Internet in the making
  • Windows 8.1 available for download now – The ‘Start Button’ is back
  • Finally, there is a Facebook app for Windows 8. You have to update to Windows 8.1 to get it though
  • Meet Nokia’s Multi-Display Smart-watch aka “Facet”
  • For the first time Google’s stock hits $1,000
  • Light bulbs could hold the secret to super fast Wi-Fi
  • BlackBerry re-launches BBM for Android and iOS
  • Apple releases OS X Mavericks: Available to download now for FREE for Macs and PCs too
  • BBM for iOS and Android downloaded over 10 million times in its first day
  • Analysts: Apple cooking up a 65-inch TV for release in 2014
  • Google Chrome wins title of “most used browser”
  • Youtube to introduce paid music service
  • Time to update! The latest version of WordPress (3.7.1) is out
  • 30% of Americans get news on Facebook. Do you?
  • It looks like Logitech really is working on its first iPhone gamepad
  • Get ready for the Google Car with gesture control
  • The Nexus 5 will come in black as well as white. Rumored released date Friday, Nov. 1
  • LG officially announces the “world’s first ‘real’ curved smartphone,” the G Flex
  • Google’s smartwatch approaching mass production phase. Possible arrival early 2014
  • Firefox 25 has arrived. Time to update

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