2013 September Newsletter – News That Rocked The Web

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This month it has been all about the iPhone! Apple’s latest moves including addressing mobile security via the ‘fingerprint scanner’, featuring gold and colorful cases and they also laid claim to being the world’s most valuable brand. In case you missed it, here is the tech news recap for September 2013.

September Top Tech News

  • Android’s next mobile operating system has been named after the famous chocolate bar “KitKat.”
  • Microsoft acquires Nokia’s mobile business for $7 billion!
  • iPhone5 at Wal-Mart for $98! Half off the regular price (pre-5S and 5C launch).
  • Yahoo unveils its new logo! How do you like it?
  • Samsung launches its first-ever smart watch ‘The Galaxy Gear’.
  • Apple’s OS X Mavericks release planned for the end of October 2013.
  • Facebook to explore new ways to make money with Instagram ads.
  • The largest provider of in-flight Internet in the U.S., Gogo Inc., to boost Wi-Fi speeds to 6 times the current speeds.
  • Google, Facebook, Microsoft & Yahoo ask for more transparency from the U.S. government in light of the recent NSA leaks.
  • Microsoft gives Bing a facelift to make its search faster & smarter.
  • Apple released iOS7 on September 18, 2013. Available for download on all iPhones but said to slow down any models prior to the 5.
  • BlackBerry’s BBM chat launches for Android and iOS. Then Blackberry laid off a ton of its workforce. What is the fate for this company?
  • Long time Nintendo President Hiroshi Yamauchi passed away at age 85.
  • Google to solve aging! Launched Calico, a health company focused on extending life.
  • Apple updates iMac line with Intel’s 4th generation Haswell processors, faster graphics, improved flash storage, 802.11ac WiFi, & more.
  • Google is now supporting #hashtag search.
  • Bill Gates says that the Ctrl+Alt+Del command was a “mistake”.
  • Google celebrated 15 years on September 27, 2013!
  • Google released new ‘Hummingbird’ search algorithm to handle more complex and longer search queries from users. Announced on Google’s 15th birthday in September but launched in August 2013.
  • Steve Ballmer gave a tearful goodbye speech to 13,000 Microsoft employees after 13 years as CEO of the company.
  • This year #Apple is king! Apple has overtaken Coca-Cola as the world’s most valuable brand.
  • Thefacesoffacebook.com lets you see the faces of all 1.2 billion Facebook users, including yours!

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