Interview with Amalia Bercot: CMO at SendinBlue

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Amalia Bercot from SendInBlue EmailSendinBlue is our top pick for best email marketing platform for ecommerce and we had the chance to interview their Chief Marketing Officer, Amalia Bercot. Based in France, Amalia heads up the company’s marketing and acquisition efforts which has resulted in vast growth to over 20,000 global customers in just five short years! Find out more about how they did it and how SendinBlue can help your small business succeed through email marketing in our exclusive Q&A session below.

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Tell us about your background: how did you become CMO at SendinBlue?

I started my career in B2B digital marketing at Google in Paris, where I was Product Marketing Manager for AdWords. My next step was serving as Head of B2C Marketing for, the leading European e-Learning service. This was an amazing experience in the B2C SaaS industry and peaked my interest to start an entrepreneurial adventure! Four years ago, SendinBlue’s founder, Armand, invited me to join. As CMO, my mission was simple: acquire new clients and retain them. We are now a team of 20+ dedicated marketers, sales and customer care reps enthusiastic to have new SMBs (SMB: small and medium-sized business) using SendinBlue all over the world.

How has SendinBlue acquired so many customers in such a short period?

That’s a great question! Offering an intuitive, all-in-one marketing tool at a fair price has been our key to success. SendinBlue enables SMBs to engage their customers through emails or SMS, via marketing campaigns or one-to-one messages. Our users are excited to grow their businesses with a tool that’s easy to use, and that generates a lot of powerful world-of-mouth. This is our best acquisition channel.

What is the culture like at SendinBlue?

SendinBlue is now over 70 people strong across France, the United States and India. In the same way our clients are located in over 150 countries around the world, we are a very multicultural company with over 10 nationalities represented. Our motto is always “Users first”. This drives all of our product development, operations and marketing.

Tell us more about SendinBlue’s transactional emails

Our tools allow SendinBlue users to address their email marketing and transactional needs at the same time, from one simple place. For example, the team at 3-Men Movers began using both marketing and transactional emails to improve communication with their customers, and create a unique experience that differentiates them from their competitors (read more about their case study on SendinBlue’s blog). We built SendinBlue to make SMB managers’ lives easier and empower them with tools to grow their businesses. It’s very rewarding to see email help our clients deliver on their brand’s key value proposition.

What has been SendinBlue’s biggest challenge and how have you overcome it?

Our biggest challenge has been to maintain a common corporate culture built on effective communication and collaboration. As our teams are split across three continents, and this involves cultural gaps, significant time zone variances, and of course, language differences. We only hire people with a strong interest in cultural diversity, who love communicating with new members of our team, and enjoy travelling all over the world.

We use Slack on a daily basis to ensure all teams are up-to-speed on project updates, no matter where they are located. We’re also using common tools for key business activities across offices. For example, we use the same human resources software in France, India and in the USA. This supports a sense of unity and shared goals.

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Last but not least, we organize an annual team-building travel somewhere in the world. Last September, the three teams met in Sri Lanka. It was an amazing experience that helped build new relationships and grow our incredible team spirit.

What websites do you frequent to stay current on the latest industry trends?

I am a big fan of the Kissmetrics blog, which is a goldmine for SaaS marketers. The Hubspot blog can also be very interesting for SMB marketing-focused topics, and of course We Rock Your Web is a go-to source for SMB digital marketing resources. I also value reading specific blogs, like Moz for SEO and WordStream for AdWords. (Why thank you for the plug Amalia!)

What do you like to do for fun outside of the office?

I love traveling with my kids and seeing them discovering our world.

Any advice for small business owners?

Never say “this is too much for me, it is only for large companies.” SaaS tools now make almost everything accessible to SMBs: you just have to try!

What’s next for SendinBlue?

Our goal for 2017 is to continue integrating more channels and top-requested features to offer SMBs an even more comprehensive marketing tool.

Anything else to add?

Thank you Sadie for this interview and for the amazing job We Rock Your Web is doing for SMBs.

Video: Sending Your First Email Campaign with SendinBlue

Watch this 4 minute video that shows you how easy it is to get started and use SendinBlue’s email marketing.

Thank YOU Amalia for taking the time to share your story as well as the success path of SendinBlue with our readers!

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