Are Website Traffic Boosting Services Legit?

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Mouse ClickingThere are many services out there using so-called “publisher networks” that offer to send you x number of visitors for your dollar. They do this by displaying ads that link to your site. These could be on-page ads, pop-ups, or the currently more popular “pop-under” (a page that opens as a new tab or window).

Do Traffic Services Work?

The problem with all these services is that 1) most traffic hits your sites and leaves again with no prolonged interest, and 2) these traffic services have a “flash bang” effect (one-time) as opposed to the long-term (if smaller volume) effect of high-quality, repeat traffic established from quality links and referrals.

What Would You Click On?

Just ask yourself how many quality sites you’ve found by clicking on “pop-ups” or “pop-unders.” I find quality sites with the following methods, listed in order of decreasing importance:

  • Search Engines
  • Referrals (suggestions, links, etc.) from friends, etc.
  • Relevant Ads

I will click on an ad if I think it’s relevant and something I’m looking for. Online advertising is paid for after all, and the sites paying money for you to see their product must be spending that money for a reason (ie. they believe in their product or service).

How Traffic Services Profit

Does it work for them? We wouldn’t be seeing more and more of them popping up if it didn’t. They make money off margins – usually on the same site there will be links for “publishers” as well as customers they are targeting to “buy links.” They buy ad-space on a publisher’s site for x amount of money per x thousand impressions, or unique visitors. They then turn around and sell this “advertising space” to you (the traffic buyer) at a slightly higher cost. They are the middleman, and as long as people give their service just one try, they are raking it in.

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In most cases, Traffic Boosting Services do not actually deliver what they promised on their website. I had personally tried different Traffic Boosting Services but didn’t actually get any good positive results. Anyone has any good, genuine recommendations? How about using a viral traffic tool?


There’s no such thing as a quick and easy way to boost website traffic. Take the time to write quality content, and promote it using natural ways, social media, viral marketing, word of mouth, etc. and visitors will steadily find your content and promote it for you. If you write a good article, it will, in other words, promote itself.

I’m a huge fan of your sister site – I wish you guys would spend as much time on Guru of Search as you do on CWD Community!!


Services are definitely not legit. Organic search and content writing all the way…if only people would spend more time on legitimate white hat SEO, they wouldn’t waste all their time trying to find methods that don’t work.


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