Best Background Check Service: Spokeo vs Intelius vs US Search vs Peoplesmart vs BeenVerified and More!

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Fingerprint: Best background check servicesAs a private investigator, I’ve been trained to do background checks. I spend a large amount of my time researching. Not only by searching through public records, but also utilizing open source intelligence, social media and accessing fee-based databases that my company subscribes to (many of which I’ve reviewed below). Of course, all too often, people ask us how to do a background check online themselves. One might think that we would feel threatened by this, but it doesn’t take away as much business from us as one might think. So, let’s spend some time exploring what you get when you use online background check companies.

Why Do They Exist?

There has been an ever-increasing movement by companies to purchase public records and make them available online. What is ironic is that so much of this information is not only public record, but it is also free. With exception to a few copy fees that courts sometimes charge, any of these records and all this information can be accessed by anyone willing to go to the clerk of court or other government office and sort through the records. But in our electronic “get it now” generation, that seems too much like work. People no more want to sift through microfiche than want to talk on the phone, especially when texting and Facebook “stalking” is so easy.

Is There a Best Background Check Service?

Well, this where the proverbial “rubber meets the road,” and we separate the men from the boys. Just like any online service, some criminal background check companies provide mediocre or sub-par data but do so very successfully because of a great user interface, flashy (no pun intended) website, outstanding SEO and an aggressive online advertising strategy. But like any business, if their service/product isn’t as good as their competition, then it won’t take long for them to gain a negative reputation and suffer irreparably. The best criminal background check companies provide some information for free and are transparent about pricing on data that you are expected to pay for. Below are our reviews of each site with a focus on the user interface, data provided and overall experience and service offering.

Our Review Process

While we normally pick our top 3 companies, this category offers some unique challenges in that it varies so much based on the information being sought. So, instead, we have simply reported the pros and cons and then put them in order of who has the best ratio of pros vs cons. But remember, it would be best to try a few free services for your search first to see what you feel most comfortable with since results often vary by the type of search and your comfort level with the site’s functionality.

Intelius | US Search | PeopleSmart | Instant Checkmate | Spokeo | BeenVerified | eVerify | IntegraScan | PeopleFinders | KnowX | NetDetective

Intelius Review

Intelius logoVisit Website

A leader in the online background check industry, Intelius has a very robust system with more search options than many of their competitors. Their interface is straight forward with dialog boxes front and center for easy navigation to a search result. Tabs across the top provide the user with a quick switch to a criteria specific query, and they offer more explanations of each search than Spokeo and other sites. The greatest thing about this site is they have developed a mobile app version for both Android and Apple products. My chief complaint about this site, as I re-examined it further, is that I feel like the pricing is unnecessarily convoluted. It is clear what you are getting, but the myriad of options make it difficult for the user to know if they are receiving the best deal.



  • Broad array of search options
  • Easy to navigate
  • Fast loading site
  • Mobile app version
  • Some employment data
  • Too many pricing options
  • Minimal free information


  • 24-Hour People Search Pass – $19.95
  • Background Report – $49.95 Regular Price ($39.95 if you subscribe to Premier Plus)
  • Intelius Premier (unlimited searches) – $19.95 a month after a 2-day free trial
  • Other varied pricing for individual “people search report,” “people search plus,” and all with discounts if the user signs up for a monthly membership.

US Search Review

US Search logoVisit Website

Another powerhouse in the business, US Search is well advertised and has a strong ranking in the search engine results. Their site is also very user-friendly and the GUI is clean and well-balanced. Like Intelius, minimal information is provided at no cost. You will get a few basics such as city/state where the person has resided, maybe an employer and that is it. It doesn’t even provide a truncated phone number or email. Their pricing is different in that you can pay a one-time fee for the reports, or receive that search at a discount if you also sign up for their monthly membership plan ($19.95/month). I do like the fact that they show you the full range of report options and pricing, so you can see and compare all on one page.



  • User-friendly interface
  • Straightforward search functions
  • Clear pricing (flat rate or monthly)
  • Helpline and contact information is clearly labeled
  • Hardly any free information provided


  • People Search Report – $2.45
  • 1-State Criminal Check – $14.95
  • Background Report – $39.95
  • OmniSearch (unlimited searches) – $19.95 a month after the 2-day free trial

PeopleSmart Review

Peoplesmart logoVisit Website

Nicely designed site with clear functionality and navigation. Bright colors and contrast give it a much more inviting and informative feel as opposed to just a down and dirty search and pay mentality. Touted as a free search on web search results, there is really very little free about PeopleSmart. When I ran myself, it required me to add a name and email and agree to receive their newsletter. What came back was a basic report that was riddled with old and incorrect information… not to mention very little of it. Information was mismatched, outdated and some was just plain wrong. Then, it says you must pay for the full report, but I can’t imagine who would want to if the free data was riddled with that many errors. The one big advantage I do see is the pricing is available up front, so no need to run a person and wait 5 minutes like some of the other sites reviewed.



  • Pricing available up front
  • User-friendly site, free of clutter
  • Responsive with great mobile version
  • Provides examples of its service
  • Missing and incorrect information (i.e. pricing)
  • Limited scope of data sources


  • $19.99/month – Connect plan for 20 Contact Info searches (10 phone + 10 email)
  • $49.99/month – Connect Plus plan for 100 Contact Info searches (50 phone + 50 email)
  • $99.99/month – PRO plan for 500 Contact Info searches (250 phone + 250 email)

Instant Checkmate Review

Instant Checkmate logoVisit Website

Instant Checkmate is one of the most informative websites. It has a number of top menu options that some of the others do not. For example, there is a “Features” page, which tells the user more about their data points and pricing. However, a key advantage that I mentioned in the previous article is no longer available. There is no way of looking at the pricing until you go through the very long process of running a search and then report. For me, this is a deal breaker, but maybe that is my lack of patience. I can understand their desire to protect their pricing schedule, but I believe many users are not willing to expose their name, email and other information to 3rd party services without getting a price or the information they want out of the search in the first place.



  • Clean page design with no distractions
  • Mobile friendly (although it provides fewer options compared to PeopleSmart mobile site)
  • Clear explanation of the FOIA law
  • Links at the bottom of the page allow user to navigate to full explanations of criminal records
  • Little free information
  • No pricing available without considerable wait time and giving up your email
  • Time delays in running a query


  • Unknown because I wasn’t willing to give up my personal info (Last year: $22.86 a month (discount offered for 3-month plans))

Spokeo Review

Spokeo logoVisit Website

Spokeo has a slightly different model than the others and isn’t technically a background check service. We included it because it is a great online source for people searches and is one of the few that almost every private investigator uses (at least as a starting point). What I really like about this site is that you are given a good bit of information before they stop and ask for money. There is some unnecessary (but interesting) information such as looking at search results from famous people. However, the primary search functions are clear and concise. Prices appear reasonable and more importantly you actually can see those without giving up your email address or it taking up your time with a long search.



  • Clean website
  • Simple design
  • Easy to navigate
  • Offers features for free that you have to pay for from other sites
  • Some misinformation (like all database sites)
  • Separate monthly fee to conduct people searches
  • Flat rate charge for court records per individual


  • $13.95 a month (discounts on 3 and 6 month memberships)

BeenVerified Review

Been Verified logoVisit Website

BeenVerified is another of my favorite websites in terms of overall design. Like PeopleSmart, there is more information on the home page regarding testimonials, validation by news media outlets, guidelines for running searches and more. The site loaded quickly, but the search time took forever. One would think that this means it is pulling massive amounts of data, but the results are unknown until you pay the piper. But, again I have to provide my name and email address just to see what the report will cost me. This is a big turn-off in my opinion



  • App available
  • Site design is good
  • Informative and functional website
  • Long wait time for results
  • Requires you to provide contact information to see pricing

Been Verified also has a hilarious commercial with Antoine Dodson, who you may remember from the infamous Bed Intruder viral video. Finding the best background check services is a serious endeavor. This lightens the task a bit.



  • $22.86 a month (discounts on 3 and 6-month plans)

eVerify Review

eVerify logoVisit Website

A newcomer to this article and our review process, might have my favorite interface and home screen. Large text (yes I am getting old) and clear search data points are all right there to validate their legitimacy for me. So, let’s run a name and see if it holds up? Well, that was fast! The speed of the initial search was lightning quick, but unfortunately, like others, it gives me little information to validate its legitimacy. Further, like others, it shows me in Greensboro, NC where I have never lived. Not sure where they are picking that up, but oh well. The cost of the report is reasonable.



  • Clean website that is easy to navigate
  • Pricing is clear and reasonable
  • Very minimal verification data (to ensure you have the right subject)


  • $19.95 for a single report
  • $2.95 for 5-day trial with monthly subscription of $19.95 after trial ends (additional data made available)

IntegraScan Review

Integrascan logoVisit Website

IntegraScan’s design is more utilitarian than the others; less “flashy” but functional and informative. The dialog box returns to a page with your pricing options and requests additional information (such as a DOB) for the search. You then add to the cart, pay and get the results. Your options include a statewide criminal check, national or the full report. I will say that the complete report, albeit pricey, does seem to search many data points that I am not confident the others would review in the query. That said, it is hard to know what is available on a subject because this site offers nothing for free. You don’t even know if you have the right person until you have paid up. All this said, it resembles more of the data points that we are accustomed to receiving with our private investigator only sites. None of the insignificant frilly data….”just the facts, ma’am.”



  • Easy navigation
  • Comprehensive data points
  • Nothing is free
  • Pricing is a bit high


  • $18.95 – Statewide background check
  • $28.95 – Nationwide background check
  • $49.95 – Detailed background check

PeopleFinders Review

Peoplefinders logoVisit Website

This background search company made an effort to have a cleanly designed interface, but they failed miserably by covering the margins with affiliate ads. Their site is a redirect to other background search sites for the actual information. In other words, after searching on a subject, you can order reports from companies such as, and more. My other issue with them is there is nearly no free information to confirm you have the right subject. Like all of these, without some more clear data, you could spend money and then realize you have the wrong person. The full search takes a bit of time, but at least you get to see the pricing options before ordering it.



  • Informative on subject of background check
  • Search instantly with no cost
  • Site design is a bit dated
  • Zero ancillary information about background checks, criminal records, their sources or the laws surrounding the acquisition and use of the data
  • Affiliate ads for the same service as the site


  • 1 month unlimited – $19.95 first month / $29.95 per month thereafter
  • 3 months unlimited – $12.95 first month / $29.95 per month thereafter
  • 6 months unlimited – $9.95 first month / $29.95 per month thereafter
  • Single report – $29.95

KnowX Review

KnowX logoVisit Website

A site owned and managed by LexisNexis, a company used extensively by state, local and federal law enforcement, attorneys and private investigators. That said, in my experience, their data has not been as accurate as other sites that we use in my profession. KnowX also has probably the least emphasis placed on site design, and I find the site to be utterly annoying. The various tabs, pages and links make it a nightmare to navigate. I like the fact that pricing is readily available via the links. But still feel like it is confusing for the average user since there are different pricing schedules depending on who is signing up and/or what they are searching for. I believe most users of sites like this are not sure what they need or want, so simplicity would be nice and keep them from feeling overwhelmed.



  • Pricing is listed (but is confusing)
  • Navigation is terrible
  • Pricing is kind of overwhelming and confusing (although it’s listed)


  • Many different options available (too many to list)

NetDetective Review

NetDetective logoVisit Website

Site design on NetDetective is so archaic that you worry about its legitimacy as a major player. In 2017, you want a website that doesn’t look like a “mom and pop” operation and this one reeks of it. That said, its navigation is pretty straight forward and the simplistic design allows the user to move around without too much confusion. There is very little information on the services provided or education on criminal background checks.



  • Simplistic navigation
  • Old school website design
  • Minimal data points
  • Unclear pricing model


  • $29.95 for 3 years of unlimited searches (no other plans found on website)

Choose Wisely

Without question, there are advantages and disadvantages to using all of these sites. Our role is to provide unbiased online background check reviews that allow the reader to discern what site will serve their needs best. Sure, it may seem like I am hard on these sites in my reviews, but in my world we have to carefully analyze data. Clearly, we could delve deeper into our opinions on them, but because each search can yield different results, it is more important for us to provide the overview of interface, functionality and comparisons on price, data points and other attributes. Then let our readers provide their feedback for a more comprehensive analysis of their experience and the data they get in return.

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Which company do you think provides the best background check service?

Greg is a North America Security Manager for a large agriculture company where, among other responsibilities, he leads and manages their Global Threat Intelligence Program. In that role he leverages various 3rd Party tools and open source intelligence techniques for protection of their assets, people, products and information. He also serves as the lead for information security for the region, driving awareness and training campaigns and also managing the Data Leakage Program (DLP). Additionally, he owns and operates Sentinel Consulting Group, a security consulting, private investigations and executive protection company serving clients throughout North Carolina.

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“Our company uses four different database services” – but you didn’t tell us which four. And since we cannot read your mind, your article is of no value.

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Kimberly Alt

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