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Bigstock reviewsBigstock is a useful stock photography site with affordable packages. It specializes in photographs, illustrations, and vectors. With over 17 million royalty free images, it can meet almost any stock photo needs. In fact, in addition to being our #1 pick, we also put our money where our mouth is: at We Rock Your Web we use Bigstock for most of our website’s photos and have experienced excellent customer service. Great service along with a user-friendly website and large selection of affordable images are just of the few reasons why we think Bigstock has an edge on the competition.

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Review Overview

Customer Service & Reputation
Variety of Images
Easy to Use Site


BigStock is our favorite stock photography site and we have had great success with it. Their great customer service and various images available are some of the best in the industry.

Bigstock Features

We rated Bigstock number one for best stock photo site for digital media. With over 17 million photos available, you can usually find what you’re looking for. Due to its extensive features and affordable prices, Bigstock is among the top stock photography sites, in our opinion.

Free Image Per Month

Bigstock offers 1 free image per month for new Bigstock users. No commitment is necessary and this is an unlimited free trial.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are unhappy with your Bigstock subscription, you are able to get a full refund. Of course, there are some restrictions. You must be in your first month of your subscription and you cannot have more than 20% of the images available to you downloaded.

Reasons you would not be eligible to receive a refund include:

  • You’ve downloaded more than 100 images with your subscription
  • You’ve already received a refund from Bigstock
  • Your Bigstock subscription began with a free trial period
  • You’ve breached the Terms of Service or any other agreement with Bigstock

Search by Keywords

Bigstock allows you to search for an image using keywords. You can also exclude keywords so it eliminates certain images. Here’s an example: Say you want a photo of an adorable dog for your doggy day care brochure. However, when your search results appear many of them include a cat as well. You can insert cat as one of your excluded keywords so no images of cats appear with dogs. Very helpful since you probably don’t let cats stay for a day of canine daycare!
Pro/Con Table



  • Free image of the week
  • Customer support via live chat, phone, and email
  • More than 17 million royalty free photographs, illustrations and vector images
  • Pricing options are affordable
  • Free re-downloads if you forgot where you saved it
  • User submissions are accepted if you are trying to make a few extra bucks on your photography and review times to have your photos approved are rather quick
  • Vector images are more expensive than some competitors
  • No audio files available
  • Upload process can become lengthy
  • Royalties sit around 30% for user submitted photo earnings. This is a bit low vs. other sites



Bigstock lets you create your own subscription plan depending on the number of images you’d like to download each day on average. Subscribers can download any image or vector (even though they are pricier on a per download basis at the credit rate) no matter the size.

Images Per Day1 Month3 Months12 Months
5$69 ($0.46/image)$199 ($0.44/image)$639 ($0.35/image)
10$99 ($0.33/image)$269 ($0.30/image)$969 ($0.27/image)
20$169 ($0.28/image)$459 ($0.26/image)$1,589 ($0.22/image)
50$329 ($0.22/image)$929 ($0.21/image)$2,879 ($0.16/image)

Bigstock also lets you pay for images using credits. You can purchase your desired number of credits and have them in your account for up to a year before they expire. You can use these credits to purchase images within that year instead of selecting a specific subscription plan. Purchasing credits is best for Bigstock users who don’t need large volumes of stock photography.

  • 10 credits for $35
  • 25 credits for $49
  • 100 credits for $169
  • 250 credits for $339
  • 500 credits for $495

As you can see, the subscription plan saves you money. The lowest price per image for the credit purchase is $0.99.

Bigstock Coupon Code

Ongoing: our readers have access to 5 free credits with promo code SPC6 (if that doesn't work, try DIGIX210). Seasonal: Bigstock is offering 15% off your first month for any subscription. Click here take advantage of these offers!

Video: Why Bigstock?

This animated video from Bigstock walks through some of the benefits and features of using their service.

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14 Comments on "Bigstock Reviews: Our Favorite Stock Photo Site"


Disagree completely! Big Stock is a complete scam- people have been charged for photos even after purchasing them on there and their customer service is shady! Beware!


I buy stock images on a few different sites and none of them expire your paid credits like Bigstock Photo does. It’s infuriating! I don’t have time to watch the calendar and make sure I use my credits before they expire. If I buy something, I should get something. I’ll never buy on Bigstock again. Go to iStockphoto instead.


How could you give 4.6? We used them for a couple of months because of my former designer. Quality and diversity is not enough for using for brochures and even Retina website.
I tried to cancel our payment and they didn’t answer my call or email for a month. Finally, I talked with one of the reps and canceled payment, but they charged for the last month – even though we did not download anything.
So, I called again and again to refund our last payment for 2 weeks.
This is the worst stock photo site ever. I have had several accounts at istock, shutter and more. But, I never ever see horrible customer service and system.

I will not recommend this site for my AIGA & linkedin friends. Anyway, almost all of friends already know this site should be gone.

Caution!!! it looks like cheap, but the cheap price has a reason !!!


I used Bigstockphoto for 4-5 years. Always bought credits etc. Just now I found out that they have automatically changed me into a monthly subscription. Since June charged me 3x 83 USD (total 250 USD). I was never informed via email about the upcoming changes of the subscription (unless they have put this all the way to the bottom of their newsletter) and I was never sent a single email confirming the 3 monthly orders. This is very normal for any decent internet company.

My email address has never changed, it is the same as in my account – still, never a single email or notification. The charges were made to a credit card I never use so I did not see the monthly statements

I don’t think this is the behavior of a leading stock photo company… I never downloaded a single photo in the past 6 months. Shouldn’t that ring a bell in their system that this customer might not be aware? I send them an email and request via their website… No response so far.


Hi Kimberly,

Thanks for the review. I didn’t know about them. Just a minor detail I noticed as I was signing up for the free program. I found the following directions on their site a bit confusing:

Credit Card Information

We are asking for your credit card information because after your 30-day trial is over, we will charge your credit card a monthly fee. This will ensure that there is no interruption in downloading.

Your subscription will automatically be renewed for $0.00 on April 24, 2014.

I chatted with their person about this and they seemed to get the contradiction and said they’d pass the comment up the food chain.

Thanks again!


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