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Best Background Check Service: Spokeo vs Intelius vs US Search vs Peoplesmart vs BeenVerified and More!

Fingerprint: Best background check services

As a private investigator, I’ve been trained to do background checks. I spend a large amount of my time researching. Not only by searching through public records, but also utilizing open source intelligence, social media and accessing fee-based databases that my company subscribes to. Of course, all too often, people ask us how to do a background check online themselves. One might think that we would feel threatened by this, but it doesn’t take away as much business from us as one might think. So, let’s spend some time exploring what you get from these online background check companies…

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Protest for Your Online Privacy

Girl with a secret

In an unprecedented move, some of the most visited websites in the world are taking part in a protest against SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) and PIPA (Senate’s Protect intellectual Property Act). Sites involved include Wikipedia, Reddit and Wordpress. Google has not gone dark, but has placed a black box over its logo with a link to more information on the opposition…

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