Is Google confusing to you? Why do you rank for certain terms and how do algorithms effect how your site appears in search? Find out how to use Google to your advantage instead of dreading the search engine.

Sorry, What is

Drawing question mark is the page Google serves you (or an application) when you fail to answer its human-verification question. Google has instituted this new policy – randomly checking to see if queries submitted to it (ie. searches) are done by human beings (as opposed to software applications). The purpose of this is two-fold. On the one hand, blocking the search query and redirecting the user to alerts the user to potential spyware on their PC; on the other hand, it prevents users from utilizing software to query the Google search engine…

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Did The Hummingbird Algorithm Update Rock Your World?

Digital hummingbird

Do you find it easier to find what you’re looking for on Google these days? Or is it more difficult than ever? Webmasters, did you have your world rocked towards the end of August in terms of website traffic, or did you notice a nice boost? On or around August 21, 2013, Google “switched out the engine” in its search engine car. By many accounts, Hummingbird was the largest Google algorithm update since 2001. Learn what changed, and what it means for your business…

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PageRank Still 0?

Frustrated guy

Not to fear! It seems it is taking longer and longer for PageRanks to update these days. As long as your site is listed in a Google search with a description and the pages are cached, it should only be a matter of time before a visible PageRank appears on PageRank Checkers…

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