Is it Possible to Retroactively Apply Amazon Smile to a Purchase?

I keep trying to remember to type in when visiting Amazon so I get the half percent donated to my charity. The problem is, I don’t use bookmarks (Amazon’s official recommendation), and I recently made a couple big Christmas purchases and forgot to do them through the Smile site. Amazon Help’s solution was to cancel the order, return it for a full refund, and re-issue the order from the Amazon Smile. This seems terribly inefficient to me, not to mention the environmental impact of shipping things back-and-forth.

Has anyone had any luck getting an Amazon smile purchase applied retroactively?

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Yes, in fact I had this same problem. You can install an add-on for Firefox called Redirector, and then set the following settings to redirect all requests to to (so you will always donate). Note that this only works if visiting Amazon using your Firefox browser, and not the Amazon mobile app. There maybe a similar solution for other browsers however.

Example URL: //
Include Pattern: https?://(www.|)*)
Redirect To: //$2
Pattern Type: Regular Expression

Unfortunately Amazon does not allow retroactive Amazon Smile donations. We asked them about this and their suggestion was to return the product and order again. We felt the impact to the environment of this added packaging and transit would negate the effects of our donation, however.


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