Dreamhost PHP and Discount Code

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You’ve probably heard about Dreamhost. They’re a well known and fairly reliable hosting service. We don’t hesitate recommending them and for a limited time are able to provide our users with a $50 off discount any hosting package. Just use coupon code (ie. promo code) We Rock Your Web50 to get your rebate, courtesy of We Rock Your Web Community.

PHP over ASP at Dreamhost

PHP is the open-source source alternative to the proprietary server-side scripting technology developed by Microsoft – ASP, or Active Server Pages. You can accomplish just about everything with PHP that you can with ASP, but there’s a couple things you need to know in regards to using PHP with your Dreamhost hosted website:

  • You can run PHP on your Dreamhost server as CGI (this is the default)
  • Or you can run PHP as an Apache module (if you’re running PHP, you will be on a Dreamhost Apache server)

CGI-based PHP is available on all Dreamhost hosting plans

We recommend running Dreamhost PHP using the CGI approach. CGI, which stands for Common Gateway Interface, allows scripts to run on your Dreamhost server. No matter which hosting plan you choose with Dreamhost, CGI will be enabled, allowing you to run your PHP scripts. You’ll also be given some pre-written scripts for common tasks at no extra charge.

Save $50 on your Dreamhost hosting plan now!

For a limited time, we’re able to extend a $50 discount to our visitors. When you sign up for Dreamhost, simply use the coupon code We Rock Your Web50 to get $50 off your order total, regardless of which hosting package you select.

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Dream Host is one of the more popular hosting options on the internet. The service is steady, consistent and reliable. In fact, when I was research some options for a hosting company a while back I continued to see positive reviews and information about them. If you are the market for a hosting service, this is definitely a company to consider.

They also support PHP which is a popular language to use when creating your web pages. In fact, this is probably the most popular scripting language in use on the internet today. This is also known as a server side type of language. The commands and functions are run and executed on the computer you requested the page or information from.

Anyone who is interested in learning more about developing web sites and doing some from a programming basis should get to know PHP. You can do a lot of cool things like creating pages which need a username and password in order to view, create forums, surveys, picture galleries and a whole bunch more that I am not even aware of.

There are a lot of really excellent tutorials and courses which you can find on the internet about how to use and learn PHP. Certainly anyone who wants a career in website design or programming must learn this language.

Many experts regard PHP as an ideal first programming language for a beginner to learn. It is not complex and fairly easy to understand. You can even embed PHP code directly into HTML, making it incredibly easy to put into a web page. There are also a huge number of built in functions and things that you can do with this language that it will literally make your head spin. So, go ahead and get started on your first PHP tutorial or class!


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