What to Do When FCKEditor Paste From Word Crashes Drupal

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You may experience this problem when copying and pasting, for example, a table that has formatting and styles applied by Word. This will cause your Drupal page, upon submitting, to not load (you will get a blank page and will lose your work).

The Solution

In order to import content from Word you will need to remove the styles and formatting, as they clutter up the code and cause the Drupal page to crash upon submission. This is especially true when it comes to tables. To do so, simply use the “paste from Word” button in FCKEditor. This will bring up a dialog box that will have the following two check boxes:

  • Remove Formatting
  • Remove Styles

After copying and pasting your content from Word, check both of these boxes. This will effectively remove all the code clutter from the table, while preserving the HTML, that would otherwise have crashed your Drupal page. Click OK to return to the FCKEditor window.

You are now able to reapply your styles and formatting, if necessary, via FCKEditor’s built-in formatting and styles drop-down boxes.

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3 Comments on "What to Do When FCKEditor Paste From Word Crashes Drupal"


Is there any reason to still be using FCKeditor over the new and improved CKeditor? As far as I can tell, CKeditor has a slicker and more improved interface, but loading times appear to be a tad slower (strange since the whole code is supposed to be so light-weight). I think I’ll stick with FCK for now…


The paste from Word button in FCKEditor appears to only half-way do the job. I still see certain HTML and style elements left in. Is there a way to paste data using FCKeditor in a way that will strip and remove all style information, with the exception of basic HTML (such as table structure)?

I need this capability primarily for the purpose of copying and pasting tables, and carrying over only the data, not the styles. In other words, I’d like to copy over plain text, but still have the data show up in a table. Is there a way to do this with FCKEditor, or maybe a customization you can develop for it?


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