5 Google Plus Tips: +1 This

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Google Plus profileWe know it’s hard to stay up to date with all the social media sites and new technologies popping up. You post something on Facebook, but then you tweet about it on Twitter, and then pin it on Pinterest? Did you follow me there? Yes, things can get confusing, but no worries. We’re here to help! Here are 5 Google Plus tips on how to use it to its potential.

1) +1 = Like

On Google Plus you have the +1 option. This is similar to a like on Facebook. Now, if you are using Google Plus for a business you want to be careful. No one likes that person who likes every post on Facebook and the same goes for +1’s on Google Plus. Also, if you are clicking +1 for everything it doesn’t seem like you are truly reading them all.

2) Give and receive help through communities

Communities are a great way to get involved and reach out to others or even ask for help (our forum is another great way to troubleshoot). Just the other day I was having trouble with my iCalendar. I went to an Apple community and asked for help. I got an answer immediately and the problem was solved. I wish I had thought of this sooner too because it hadn’t been working for 2-3 months!


Before posting in a community read the community guidelines. There are some restrictions in communities. For example, SELF PROMOTION IS A NO NO in almost every community you join. The worst thing you can do is go into a community and say, “Hey check out WeRockYourWeb’s article on blah blah blah.” No one likes self promotion. Be helpful and build relationships. Don’t just use it as free advertisement space. And don’t worry, when you build trust and add value with useful content links, it will be welcomed.

4) Add to the conversation

When someone posts about the new phone on the market, comment and tell what you think. People want comments and want to interact with others on Google Plus. This isn’t like Facebook. It’s not about personal posts so much. It’s about learning with (not from) one another and adding value to the conversation. “What are everyone’s thoughts on the new super slim phone?” Comment and tell that person what you think! Are you going to buy one? Tell them why! This gets a great conversation going.

5) Take advantage of circles

Circles are like groups. You can create groups for anything, friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances, the list goes on. When I got help with my iCalendar problem I added those people who helped me to my circles and they added me to theirs as well. We had a common interest and if either of us has a question about something Apple related we might be able to help the other out in the future. So it’s important that we remember and support each other.

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Danny SK Choong

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