How to Import Outlook Contacts Into Horde Webmail

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Business card holderHere’s how to import Outlook contacts into Horde webmail. First, note that you can’t import Outlook files into Horde directly, but you can export them in a format that is compatible with Horde. Note that you might need your Office CD handy if you haven’t already installed the MS translator.

Since Horde has a limit on the number of contacts you can import at one time, we suggest importing no more than 50 at a time. Once you’re ready, follow these steps to export your Outlook contacts into a format that will make them ready to import into Horde webmail:

Exporting your Outlook Contacts into a File

Within Outlook, browse to File > Import/ Export > and choose to export to a file. Select CSV (comma separated values) for the file format (or TSV (tab separated values), then select your Contacts file. Save the file to your desktop, and rinse and repeat, 50 addresses at a time, until you have all your addresses exported into files of 50 addresses or less.

Importing Your Outlook Contacts Into Horde

Next, you’ll want to import these contacts into Horde webmail. Login to Horde, browse to your address book page, and then select Import/ Export. First, browse and locate the first CSV file (or TSV) you exported from Outlook, and select “comma separated values” (or tab separated values, depending on your selection in the previous step) as the source file format. Your first row does not contain field names – if prompted, simply click next.

Matching Your Outlook Contacts to Your Horde Contacts

In the final step of the import process, you’re going to match your Outlook contacts to your Horde contacts. Simply match up the field names in the imported fields and available fields columns, and select add pair. Once you’ve matched all the fields, click next. After a few minutes, you should be greeted with a message that your CSV or TSV file was successfully imported. Double check your Horde address book to confirm that your contacts were imported. And if you exported more than 50 contacts, remember to repeat the above steps for your remaining files.

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Good handling of complex subject matters.

First thought in reading this article: Oh, no. It looks complicated and intricate, and already like something that I do not want to do. But then again, the issues surrounding the attempt to import Outlook contacts into Horde in general is a complex and intricate one indeed, and the alternative is to move the addresses over by hand. Saying that, however, does not make the process seem any less scary, especially when the opening paragraph mentions that you might need the Office CD to install an MS translator and I have no idea what any of that even means. Copying and pasting the addresses in one by one is perhaps a viable possibility?

The instructions themselves are actually not too bad. I read through a few times and it actually seemed like a manageable process and there are not too many steps, so this is positive. I think I have a tendency to get scared of computer processes that appear overly-complicated, at least initially. The article, I must say, seemed to be written for people such as myself and the issue was addressed in a simple and straightforward manner, so even I was not totally scared off. In fact, following the steps one by one makes the process pretty simple and manageable. I did not have over fifty contacts, but still found that the technique of saving in CSV or TSV and using the import selector was still far more quick and efficient than going through the process by hand.


You can’t just choose how many files export in Outlook. It only exports all contacts, so your explanation is mute.


I’m about to throw my computer!!! It won’t let me save it to the desktop in order to get it to my Horde and I have to get this thing sent!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh! Your instructions are super easy though. Thank you! It just won’t let me do it.


Wow, the Horde import limit is so frustrating!! I wish they had an app, or someone would develop one, that would allow the mass importation of contacts to be easier. Ohhh, the joys of open source


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