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JupiterImagesNotice: Jupiter Images no longer exists and you can find their collection on Getty Images now.

When it comes to choosing the right stock image provider for your needs there are a number of considerations to make. It is important to understand which image company provides the product you are looking for at a price you can afford. Jupiter Images is one of the leading stock photography providers in the world. This in-depth review including how much media they have available and pricing information for various user types.

Who is Jupiter Images

Where companies like iStock and Shutter Stock are fairly well-known, Jupiter Images is slightly lesser known among its competition. This is not to say however, that their product is inferior, in fact they are owned wholly by one of the biggest image companies in the world – Getty Images and even partner with iStock. Getty Images is the globe’s leading distributor of media online including images and video footage.

Getty Images began Jupiter Images as a method of displaying stock photography collections while also featuring the talent behind their photography collection. As a result of this project Jupiter Images now offers users a comprehensive online image library that can be used for a variety of promotional and educational purposes.

Using Jupiter Images

Stock Photo PhotographerAs with all stock photo companies it is necessary to sign up for an account with Jupiter Images in order to purchase their product. Registration is fast and easy and allows users to create a username and password for faster access to their favorite images in the future. It is necessary to provide an e-mail address as well as to create a username and password and provide valid contact information in order to utilize Jupiter Images. Users are given the option to utilize their email address as their username during this registration process.

During the registration process users are prompted to select their country of origin, as this country is altered so too is the billing currency set for the account. It is important to note that not all countries currency is available, in most cases these countries will default to payment in U.S. dollars. For example Vietnam will bill users in United States dollars rather than in the Vietnamese dong.

Immediately after registering users are permitted to search, purchase and download images that they select from the Jupiter Images database. Additional features are also activated upon registration with Jupiter Images:

  • Users gain access to both Punchstock.com and Gettyimages.com with the username and password they set up for Jupiter Images.
  • Users have access to online pricing and are able to manage features of their account.
  • Users can create, email, save and manage a number of light boxes in their account.
  • Users gain access to their account information which can be edited at any time after signing in to Jupiter Images.

Jupiter Images Dashboard

Once users have signed up for an account with Jupiter Images they have access to the following information under the tab entitled “My Account”:

Account Overview

Under the account overview users can easily access their created light boxes. A quick view format offers the light box name, the number of images in the light box, the date that light box was created and the date that it was last updated.


The “Purchases” section offers a brief recap of any and all purchases made under the Jupiter Images account. Details of each purchase can be viewed by clicking on the order number listed or by clicking the view/download link. Recently the Jupiter Images website underwent some upgrades; as a result of this a few members have experienced missing information under the purchases section of their account. Customers experiencing this problem are prompted to contact Jupiter Images directly for assistance.

Username and Password

The username and password menu selection allows users to edit their current password. Usernames cannot be edited.

Contact Information

Under the contact information panel users can edit their email address, their first and last name, their current job role, the type of organization they represent, the name of their organization, their job title, their address information, requests for email updates and their preferred language for email communications.

Billing and Shipping

The billing and shipping section allows users to edit billing and shipping information.

Payment Information

Users can access their saved payment information and edit it here. Accepted payment forms include: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Light boxes

The light boxes section of the dashboard allows users not only to view their existing light boxes as they would under the “overview” panel, but they can also delete light boxes that are no longer of interest.

Shopping Cart

The shopping cart feature allows users to view items currently in their shopping cart. This information is also accessible by clicking the “Cart” link at the top of the page.

Products Offered by Jupiter Images

Image Collections

JupiterImagesJupiter Images offers purchasers fifty premium image collections to choose from when looking for images. These image collections include:

  • AbleStock.com
  • Author’s Image
  • BananaStock
  • Big Cheese Photo
  • beyond fotomedia
  • Blend Images
  • Brand X Pictures
  • BUILT Images
  • Comstock Images
  • Creatas Images
  • culture
  • Design Pics
  • Digital Vision
  • Dynamic Graphics
  • Emotive Images
  • Fancy
  • Fever Images
  • fStop
  • GoGo Images
  • Goodshoot
  • i love images
  • ImageDJ
  • Image Source
  • Inspirestock
  • liquidlibrary
  • MIXA
  • moodboard
  • Old Visuals
  • Olive Images
  • Onoky
  • Open Door Images
  • PhotoObjects.net
  • Photos.com
  • Photodisc
  • Phovoir
  • Pixland
  • Polka Dot Images
  • Purestock
  • Radius Images
  • Rubberball
  • Score.
  • Smart.MAGNA
  • Stockbyte
  • Stockbyway
  • Tetra Images
  • TongRo Image Stock
  • Westend61

Royalty Free Products

Royalty free imagery is a large database available from Jupiter Images that offers more than 2.5 million different images from all of the collections listed above. All of these images can be searched in order to find the right one for your next project. Currently Jupiter Images only offers royalty free images; however, royalty free footage is available through partner site Getty Images.

Rights-Managed Products

Unfortunately where Jupiter images used to offer users a wide array of rights managed products, this is feature is no longer a part of Jupiter’s service. Rather, purchasers looking for rights managed content will be redirected to Getty Images where they will find more than 1.3 million rights managed images to select from. These products can be purchased with a variety of licensing options and multiple prices depending on how the images are going to be used.

CD Store

Despite the name “CD store,” Jupiter Images currently offers their wealth of “CD” content via direct download. This feature provides users with access to more than 5,500 virtual CD’s that can be downloaded. Those looking to purchase CD content will be redirected to Getty Images where this content can be instantly downloaded.

The Cost for Jupiter Images

Individual Royalty Free Images

When purchasing individual images from Jupiter Images, there are many different purchase options available, each of these options offer various image sizes and resolutions. The options available and the specific cost for the image selected varies based upon the image.

A royalty free image may be available in smaller web resolution for around $60, low resolution for $205, medium resolution for $400, high-resolution for $550 and very high-resolution for $600. Obviously the very high-resolution image is considerably larger than the web resolution image.

Individual royalty free images come with a licensing agreement that outline any restrictions on the images use.

Purchasing Image CD’s

As mentioned previously, royalty free image CD’s can be purchased through Jupiter images when users are redirected to Getty Images. Image CD’s can be downloaded instantly and the number of images on a CD vary. Depending upon the size of the CD of images prices also vary but average at around $499.99 for a CD of 50 images.

Subscriptions with Jupiter Images

Jupiter Images offers users the option to select “subscriptions” from their main menu. Subscription based services are common with stock image services. With Jupiter Images selecting a subscription option however will redirect you to Think Stock, a partner of Jupiter Images. Think Stock offers users the option to search royalty free images offered by Jupiter Images, Getty Images and iStock.

There are Two Subscription Options Available

There are currently two levels of subscription services available from the Jupiter Image ThinkStock subscription service.

Monthly Subscription

A monthly subscription to Think Stock Photos runs at $299 per month. This subscription gives you access to millions of photographs, illustrations and vectors with all file sizes included. Users are given one month to download images of their choice and are limited to 25 downloads per day.

Annual Subscription

An annual subscription to Think Stock Photos runs at $208 a month and can be billed in 4 or 12 payments. Users have access to all of the same content as they would under the monthly subscription plan and are still limited to 25 downloads per day. Again, all file sizes are included in this plan. As an additional bonus, subscribers to this plan receive a 10% discount on any GettyImages.com purchases.

Image Pack Purchases with Jupiter Images

As with the subscription plans purchasers looking to buy image packs must do so through Think Stock Photos. This option gives users the opportunity to download from all of the photos, vectors and illustrations available to subscription holders. Purchasing image packs gives users the choice to download 5, 25, 100 or 250 images and these credits are valid for one year. The cost of 5 downloads is $99, 25 downloads is $229, 100 downloads is $799 and 250 downloads is $1,499. Unlike the subscription options, these credits do not “run out” after the month is over, they are valid for a full year. With subscription plans once a month has ended any unused photo download credits are no longer valid.

Who Uses Jupiter Images?

There are a wide variety of people who depend upon online stock photography for their businesses. Most often these people work in design related businesses such as website design or advertising. These individuals turn to services like Jupiter Images because they need extended rights to use images without having to worry about legal repercussions of using images in a particular way. The variety of licenses made available with Jupiter images make it easy to obtain images for simple online viewing as well as in printed media.

Why You Should Consider Jupiter Images

If you have ever found yourself in need of stock images or royalty free images there are a number of reasons why you should consider using Jupiter Images.

Image Variety

Since they partner with Getty Images and iStock for a number of their stock photo services, Jupiter Images is able to provide much more variety in the images they offer. Where other stock photo services work solely with the images they are licensed to carry, the collaboration of Jupiter Images with other services means they have one of the biggest image databases available.


In addition to having one of the biggest varieties of royalty free and stock images, Jupiter Images has strict quality control. All of the images offered through their services have been hand selected from top image providers whether they are photographs, vectors or illustrations.


Unlike other stock image services, Jupiter Images provides a considerable amount of value. Users can not only download a maximum of 750 images per month, but they can also receive a discount for adding additional users. Downloads always include broad global usage rights and with new content added every week, users always have access to a steady supply of new material.


Jupiter Images and all of their affiliated services are extremely simple to use. Users just pay once and can download their images as soon as they make their online purchase.

Legal Guarantees

An additional bonus to using Jupiter Image and their service for your stock image needs is that they offer legal guarantees on their images. Although it seldom occurs, it is possible when using other stock image services, that original artists find their copyrighted work has been used without their permission. This type of situation opens those who purchased that image to legal ramifications. Jupiter Image ensures that all of their content comes with legal guarantees so should any copyright claims be made, purchasers do not have to worry about legal action.

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