MailChimp Reviews: Free Trial and Great for Beginners!

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Mailchimp reviewsMailChimp has the best free subscription plan of any email marketing service provider out there. Along with the long list of features including unlimited image hosting, Google analytics, and the integration with hundreds of apps, MailChimp is a great choice for beginners or those who have limited funding. But based on numerous customer reviews we’ve found, you may want to look elsewhere for more advanced features. Here, we give you the information you need to make the best decision about whether MailChimp is right for you.

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Review Overview

Customer Service & Reputation
Pricing Template Selection
Social Media Marketing
List Segmentation
Spam Score


MailChimp has come a long way in the last few years and has some exciting new features on top of most common ones. They have one of the best free plans, but where they lack is customer service with no phone support and a spotty customer reputation.

Key Features

MailChimp has many features that appeal to email marketers including its new automation feature and the capability to set up a multi-user account. MailChimp Coupon Scanner is also available through the merge tags, this feature allows store owners to send QR code coupons to their subscribers.

  • Ecommerce integrations (Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce)
  • Drag and drop designer
  • Collaboration style workflow capabilities like multi-user accounts and adding comments inside the editor
  • Marketing automation
  • Advanced reporting features
  • Google Analytics integrations
  • Social sharing with Twitter and Facebook
  • API documentation
  • NEW: Free automation for all plans



  • Free for up to 2,000 subscribers
  • MailChimp’s HTML templates are easy to use, and you can use their WYSIWYG editor to customize your own designs
  • An Inbox Inspector add-on that lets you generate over 25 screenshots of your email in all major email applications, as well as live tests from all the major ISPs to see if spam filters are triggered
  • Track where your sign-ups originated, which will help you optimize your opt-out prevention methods
  • Hundreds of integrations, including Google Analytics
  • Sign-up forms can be customized and embedded anywhere
  • Straightforward contact list management and easy import of contacts via cvs file
  • Live chat
  • Internal surveys
  • Automation feature makes autoresponding, segmentation and triggering easy
  • Automatically removes old/incorrect email addresses that bounce to keep lists healthy
  • Automation included in all plans for no cost (as of May 2017)
  • Importing of contact lists could be easier
  • Importing templates from existing website graphics would be a great add-on. It takes some work to get your email template looking like you want it to
  • Many advanced features only available with Pro plan (starting at $199 per month)
  • Slow to refresh and can be slow when the site is busy
  • Segmentation is very limited with free plan
  • No internal survey support
  • No phone support and live chat often has long wait times
  • We’ve found a number of negative customer reviews about their customer service reliability
  • Fewer templates than other email marketing services
  • Customer complaints about their Acceptable Use Policy


MailChimp offers the best free plan for the price, number of subscribers/emails sent, and variety of features than any other email marketing service. They also provide monthly pricing and pay as you go fees for those who need more than what you can do with the free plan.

Forever Free Plan

One of the great things about MailChimp is their Forever Free plan. You get up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails you can send each month, no credit card required. It’s great for low-volume senders, beginners or nonprofits who don’t have the budget for more. For only $10/month you can get more features including automation, delivery by time-zone, chat support and more.

Monthly Subscriptions

With MailChimp’s monthly subscriptions you pay per number of contacts, but you get unlimited number of emails you can send each month.

Number of ContactsPrice Per Month
2,700+Use their online calculator

Pay As You Go Plan

MailChimp gives you the option of buying packages of email credits, which you use like postage stamps. These can be a great option if you’re on the free plan but occasionally need to send more emails than the 12,000 limit.

Number of CreditsPrice Per Month
50,000+Use their online calculator


You can add Pro onto your plan for $199 per month. Pro provides analytics tools to help grow your business.

What Are Users Saying About MailChimp?

We scoured the web to find out how real users rate MailChimp. Here are some of the reviews we’ve found to give you an overall picture of MailChimp, from the customers’ perspectives.

Positive Reviews

Mailchimp is great, especially if you are just starting out with email marketing. Their tools are easy to use and help you create professional looking campaigns. They are one of the better known sites for doing email marketing so there are tons of options online to help you learn if you find their support lacking. Overall, the process is fairly straightforward and you get a ton of features before you even have to pay for anything. Paid plans only increase the features available to you. I also have found a few places that allow you to buy a custom template and drop it straight in to mail chimp. – Trevor C., G2 Crowd 4/1/2016

We use MailChimp to send out our clients’ monthly newsletters and e-blasts. It is specifically used by the content team to create the emails and by the account manager team to measure metrics and analytics of how successful those emails are each month. It’s much easier to use than previously used email marketing solutions. – Meg R., Trust Radius 4/11/2016

Negative Reviews

Their payment method is a lot to be desired. Basically, you get upgraded automatically and it is seldom clear which plan you are at and when you’ll need the next upgrade. Also, there is no PayPal payment option which is a shame because PayPal would notify me better of each payment than Mailchimp does. – Ann S., G2 Crowd 4/27/2016

After spending 2 hours getting a mail campaign together I launched it only to be told after the fact that it didn’t meet their Acceptable Use Policy according to their automated computer system. I’ve asked several times how exactly this was the case and the only response has been canned e-mails with a link to their Use Policy. No actual answer and no way to reach a real person for help. There are better options. I recommend using someone else. Total waste of an afternoon. – John F., G2 Crowd 12/26/2016

Want to Use Facebook Ads?

You can use Facebook ads with Mailchimp. Just watch the video below for a brief overview.

Is MailChimp the Email Marketing Service For You?

In 2014 marketing professionals cited email marketing as the most effective digital marketing channel for customer retention in the United States. So, what are you waiting for? If you’re just starting out with email marketing, first check out our all-inclusive guide, and then you’ll probably want to check out MailChimp’s Forever Free plan. And their monthly paid subscriptions are competitively priced. But if you’re a larger business or just need more advanced features, you may want to look elsewhere. Of course, it comes down to your specific needs. See how MailChimp compares to the competition with our email marketing service comparison.

What do you think about MailChimp?

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One issue that is not mentioned in the review is that even when a MailChimp sender is added to a user’s safe sender list, the images in MailChimp emails will not display correctly in PC-based Outlook (all versions)unless the user manually clicks the download link. This is because the “From” address changes with each email campaign sent. MailChimp uses different servers and you, the customer, have no control over it. It doesn’t matter how many times the recipient adds the sender to the safe sender list. MailChimp does this to catch spammers, but what it means in practice is that you can create the most beautiful email template in the world, but your recipients will never see it unless they click to view the images in the email (or click through to the web version), an extra step that many won’t bother with.


very nice guide, thanks!


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