Top 4 Trends in Content Marketing for 2014

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2014 digital numbersEveryone’s curious about what content marketing will be like in 2014. What will be the trends and what will be most beneficial? Here are our top 4 predictions of the hottest content marketing trends for 2014

1. Engage Your Consumer & Listen

Social media is one of the top content marketing strategies out there. With the different sites out there (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.) it’s only bound to grow in 2014. Businesses are constantly updating their pages and asking their users questions. I think 2014 is the year users will have an even louder voice. Consumers want to be more involved in the development of a brand and social media makes this possible. They want to be heard. That’s why sites like Yelp! and Angie’s List continue to grow exponentially. Consumers want to give their opinion and hopefully help someone else out.

2. Get OuT Your Video Camera

This is something we’ve discussed for our brand too. We want to integrate more video on our site and into our brand. I personally get deterred from an article if I see how long it is (note: this may be one of the shortest trend articles you will read this year!). I’m more apt to watch a video because it can be more entertaining than words on a page. People have short attention spans and want something visually appealing as well as informative.

3. Use More Humor

Laughing is a great way to break the ice and grab someone’s attention. Make your content humorous. People love things that are funny and if you notice, any video or article that is successful usually has humor in it because people want to share it with others. People love to laugh and make other people laugh. Period.

4. Go All in with Mobile

If you’re not mobile you’re a little behind. Correction, a lot behind. Most users get their information on their smartphones, not their desktops. When they’re at the coffee shop waiting in line, they’re on their phone. When they’re on the bus headed to work, they’re on their phone. Even in the bathroom, yep, on the phone. The number of people getting content on their smartphone is only going to increase in 2014 and you need to be ready for it.

What are your thoughts?

Do you agree with my top 4 2014 content marketing trends? Do you have other ideas? Share them with our readers and me by commenting below! Let’s talk content marketing strategy!

Kimberly has always enjoyed testing out the latest tech gadgets and loves seeing how things evolve. She’s a fast learner when it comes to the latest fads and likes sharing her findings with others. Although she loves technology, she also enjoys escaping the online world and likes to spend time outside away from the gadgets.

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Kimberly, I totally agree with the role that humor plays in grabbing attention. Just finished a study of 3000+ YouTube videos demonstrating that humor represents over 75% of viral content.


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