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MarketingProfs reviewMaybe you haven’t heard of MarketingProfs before? Neither had I until a friend told me about it a few weeks ago. But now I cannot believe I went this long without it. And why had so many of my marketing friends kept this great resource a secret? No matter what, glad I’m now on board seeking (and finding) the answers to my marketing questions and jumping right in to use their how-to tips to get started with any marketing activity I am working on. I have found that even after 15 years as a marketing professional, I still find new information to enhance what I already know. Whether you are a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) of a Fortune 500 company, a small business owner looking for marketing tips, or someone who is just learning about marketing in college, this website has something for everyone and speaks to you on the right level for your expertise.

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Who is MarketingProfs?

MarketingProfs was founded in 2000 by Allen Weiss, a marketing professor. He wanted it to be a place for his fellow professors to share tips, tricks, idea, educational tools and more but also a place to bring marketing professionals into the conversation to further the learning experience for all. It was also designed to make marketing learning more easily applied to the real world and this mission still drives them today.

What Makes Then Different From Other Marketing Websites?

Sure there are a lot of marketing websites out there that can offer you tips on how to improve your marketing prowess. Wondering what’s the real difference between MarketingProfs and any of the other players out there? Well, we found it is in the fact that they really offer tactical and up to the moment know-how so that you can get right in and get started practicing everything you’ve learned right away. This mean you can get your marketing plan up and running and your business growing ASAP. You can literally expect a step-by-step tutorial on how to do any given marketing action with MarketingProfs. Sure, they’ll share the strategies behind it and why your actions will work, but the step-by-step approach is really what will get you from an idea execution in no time. I think we all know the execution of a good idea is what really brings the return on investment, not just the idea, right?!?

Also the content is written by various contributors, all of whom have vast experience in the subject they’re covering. In addition to years of experience and a track record of success behind the marketing strategies and techniques they’re teaching you in each and every article, you can see evidence in their real careers as to how they have applied and succeeded in business, using the same techniques and strategies they are teaching you. You can read articles, watch videos and more from marketing directors, social media managers, online marketers and even big company CEO’s.

Who Can Benefit from MarketingProfs?

Whether you’re a student in high school or college looking to learn more about marketing, a marketing professional wishing to impress your boss, a small business looking to enhance your marketing skills, a social media manager or even just getting started in an entry-level marketing position, there is something for everyone at MarketingProfs. And the content is catered to its audience so the articles should never be over your head or too low-level for your skill set, so long as you choose the right content for your need.

What Does MarketingProfs Offer

Free Marketing Newsletter / basic Membership

When you sign up for MarketingProfs free marketing newsletter, you should expect to receive daily articles, infographics and marketing research on anything from brand marketing and social media to digital marketing and media. You can also view a lot of this content on their website of course, but once you try to view more than two articles on the website it will ask you to sign up. So you may as well go ahead and sign up for free so you can start getting the daily marketing how-to packed newsletter as well as access to a vast array of helpful content on their website. And why not? All you need to sign up is your email address and your first name and you’re ready to go.

MarketingProfs PRO Account

Beyond the basic membership you signed up with for free, adding a PRO membership gives you access to a much deeper range of content. You will get real business case studies to help you understand how other successful businesses have put marketing strategies to work, you can attend step-by-step tutorial seminars, watch how-to videos and webcasts and access their SmartTools, an interactive toolkit. All these tools and many others will help you with some quick and easy ways to better understand the real tactical ways to learn the strategy and the detailed steps to apply to your business to help you grow quickly, smartly and effectively with your customers. The price for a PRO account is $279 per year but enter the promo code CSMPRO when you use our link and save $50 off your annual membership, making it only $229.

Or Sign Up for a PRO TEAM Account

Or if you have a bigger group that you think would benefit from this program, you can sign up for a Pro Team account (allows up to 3 members to share a membership at a reduced individual rate). The price for the Pro Team plan is $499/year when you use the link above in combination with the coupon code CSMCORP.

MarketingProfs University Courses

MarketingProfs University is a series of on-demand classes that come out every two months and consists of 8 to 12 courses of one hour each on a specific category of interest to you. Past Marketing Profs University classes include: Tim Washer, Senior Marketing Manager at Cisco, Maile Ohye, a Tech Lead at Google and Jon Loomer, a former marketer for the National Basketball Association (NBA) . The class is always taught by someone who is actually doing the work and who is an expert in the category. For example, a recent class was taught by the president of Coca-Cola USA and as a student, you have direct access to that learning and networking opportunity. And as a student of the university, you also get a membership to a private Facebook group that is specific to your course where you can interact with that the instructor, as well as all the other class members, for a one-of-a-kind networking experience. And since the class is on-demand, you can take each class within the university course whenever is convenient for you – on the weekends, evenings, during work hours (if your boss approves, of course), etc.

Save On MarketingProfs University with Our Coupon Code

The normal price of these university classes is usually $595 per course however, if you use our discount code JAYBIRD during checkout. along with this link you can save $200 on your next MarketingProfs University session, bringing this high-value course down to $395! (note: coupon code value is for new university customers; existing customers or prior university attendees will receive $50 off with this code)

How Can You Get Started with Marketing Profs Today

No need to take my word for it. You can sign up for MarketingProfs for free today to receive their daily newsletter of all the top marketing news. Every single newsletter includes links to a video, an infographic, sometimes a podcast, always marketing tips you can put to use right away and generally social media how-to as well. So what are you waiting for? Sign-up for this free intro to MarketingProfs to whet your appetite for a much larger world of marketing learning that can take your business to the next level. Who knows it may even be the first step in a deeper understanding of what marketing can bring to make your business stronger today and in the future.

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