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Mindflash reviewIn an age where everything centers on technology and ease, online training courses offer a convenient training solution. The benefits to online training versus in class training are numerous. Our Mindflash Reviews will not only take a look at these benefits but we will also examine how online training works through a review and analysis of MindFlash.com.

What Is Online Training?

The term “online training” refers to the process of teaching a specified skill set through online learning. There are a number of companies that offer online classrooms and courses that meet the needs of various occupational sectors, but we feel that MindFlash sets itself apart from the crowd. Rather than presenting information in a traditional classroom, online training focuses on using a web platform to not only provide basic information, but also to test the retention of “students” by implementing quizzes, exams and handouts.

What Is MindFlash?

MindFlash.com is a leading company that provides an online teaching platform. This service is multifaceted in that it not only provides employers the opportunity to teach online, but it also provides teachers the opportunity to share their teaching methods online as well. MindFlash.com covers a wide range of training categories making it the perfect online teaching platform for employers in numerous fields including: compliance training, customer training, development training, finance training, food services training, HR training, IT training, medical device training, point of sale training, product training, safety training, sales training and retail training.

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How Do Online Training Courses Work?

Online training courses work by reducing the amount of time and resources required from employers to train their employees in new policies and procedures. Courses are designed to increase productivity by providing an online resource that teaches in a variety of styles. Some of the more popular styles of teaching through online training include slideshow information presentation and mixed media courseware. With a program as easy as Mindflash, employers can log in to their account, upload training files and add any quizzes they desire to test employee’s progress. From within the Mindflash employer’s area, employers can not only manage trainees but they can also take park in communication and view reporting for all courses made available.

How to Create an Online Training Course

Using an online training course service like MindFlash.com, creating a course is easy and fast. Employers simply have to log in and upload training files and the service will create an online course using those files. Accepted file formats include PowerPoint, Word, video files and PDF files. There is no limit on the number of files that can be added and once uploaded, files can be arranged in the most beneficial order. Once files have been uploaded, employers can also add any quizzes they desire as well as record audio directly in to the Mindflash program to create a multimedia training experience.

Benefits of Using Online Training Courses

There are many benefits that come with choosing online training course services.

No Setup

Unlike seminars and educational retreats, services like Mindflash provide educational opportunity without the need for setup. In fact, there aren’t even any software packages to download; as long as the employer and employees have internet access, the training course is completely accessible.

Limited Cost

Seminars, retreats and even educational courses held in an office setting come with a cost. Whether it’s the cost of housing employees at a retreat or the time lost when holding seminars, there is always some type of cost involved. Online training courses limit the amount of cost that is required for a successful training program. Depending upon the number of trainees involved in a training program, the cost of using a service like Mindflash varies from $29 a month to $999 a month.

Unlimited Training Potential

Using an online training course service rather than an in-house training course has the additional benefit of unlimited training potential. For as long as an employer pays a monthly fee they have access to creating an unlimited number of training courses. This means that for the same monthly cost as one training course, a service like Mindflash provides employers the opportunity to train employees on a wide range of topics. This is the perfect set up for employers that have varied employee positions or who wish to constantly broaden the skill set of their employees.

Active Learning Monitoring

Another great benefit to using an online training course rather than an in-house training session is that employers can monitor employee’s progress. It is unheard of for employees to attend a seminar and be “tested” on what they have learned, but with online training this is possible. By initiating quiz questions (all accounts with Mindflash can be used to create an unlimited number of quiz questions) employers can monitor how much of the new information employees are soaking up. This type of testing not only measures which employees are excelling but it also measures areas where employees may be experiencing difficulty.


When managing a traditional training course it is next to impossible to really gauge the progress of employees in learning new procedures. Using an online training course, employers have access to automated reporting features which can efficiently monitor employee’s progress. This type of reporting also allows for discrete addressing of any areas of concern without singling out employees in front of their peers.

Financial Gain

The reduction in expenses by using an online training course rather than an internal training course has already been discussed; however, there is also a potential for financial gain. One of the newest features of online training courses like Mindflash is that they provide employers the opportunity to sell their training courses. Employers who feel that their training courses would be beneficial to other employers can take advantage of this service. Selling courses through Mindflash is easy and the writer of the training course will receive 15% of the revenue generated once the course is sold. Not only is the added revenue great, it is a way to improve the overall quality of industry specific training programs.

Multi-Pronged Educational Approach

Everyone learns differently and at their own pace, this is why an online training course is often recommended as the best option for training employees. Where traditional training means focus on specific methods of teaching, learning online courses can take a multipronged approach using reading, writing, interactive and auditory teaching methods.

Saving Time

Online training courses save time because they eliminate the “employee with employee” interactive aspect of traditional teaching. One of the biggest concerns of employers during the training process is that their employees are using their time to socialize rather than pay attention to the training course. Online courses like Mindflash prevent that from happening by eliminating the “employee with employee” interaction.

Online training is also a great way to focus on questions that employees may have without wasting the time of everyone in the course. When using traditional training methods, one employee may have a question that takes ten minutes to answer. While that question is being answered other employees are not learning new information which translates to wasted time.

Can Online Training Course Providers Be Customized?

Many people want to know whether their online training course providers can offer customization. The answer is that with a service like MindFlash customization is available in a number of ways. Not only can employers customize teaching plans with the information that they upload, but they can also customize the URL on which training information is displayed. As an example employers could select the sub domain ABCCompany.Mindflash.com.

What Types of Training Customization Does Mindflash Offer?

Using a laptopMindFlash offers easy voice inclusion to place audio training tips over visual cues such as PowerPoint presentations. Mindflash also provides support for video and screen recordings. One of the features that is not currently offered by Mindflash training is live webinar training; however, many employers don’t find this to be a concern. Live webinar training would reintroduce many of the drawbacks found in traditional training systems back in to the mix. The focus of the Mindflash program is providing individual training that can be taken at an employee’s comfortable pace.

How Do I Know if Online Training Courses Are Right For Me?

Not everyone is computer savvy which raises the question that is on many people’s minds: how do I know if online training courses are right for me? An online training course system like Mindflash focuses not only on making the learning process easy for employees, but it also focuses on making the educational process easy for employers. It is not necessary for users of this training system to be computer savvy. With the simple step by step system that MindFlash provides educational courses can be completed in as little as 44 seconds! It’s all as simple as uploading files so the length of time it takes to complete a training course depends upon the amount of information you will be making available!

Is Online Training the Best Solution For My Employees?

Another frequently asked question is: is online training the best solution for my employees? Online training programs like Mindflash are designed to make learning easy. Employees that are logged in to this type of system have immediate access to the courses that they are required to take so they are all easy to find. Trainees are also given access to the results of courses that they have taken in the past so that they can monitor their own progress.

Training at Their Own Pace

Online training programs like Mindflash provide one exceptional benefit to employees that is not afforded in the traditional training method – training at their own pace. This type of training has been proven to be much more effective because it allows for more time to soak up information and less time to worry about time limits and what others may think of their performance.

Training Anywhere at Anytime

Online training courses also provide the additional benefit of employees being able to train anywhere they like at any time that is convenient for them. This means that employees that experience increased levels of stress while test taking can reduce that stress by taking their training courses in the comfort of their home so long as they have internet access.

Doesn’t An Online Training Course Take Away From the Sense of Achievement?

Many times employers are concerned with promoting a sense of achievement among employees to help to boost employee morale. Often this desire leads to online training being overlooked as a valid training option. Mindflash does not overlook the importance of the sense of achievement however and offers certificates of completion. For each individual course level employees can print out a certificate of completion to prove their achievement. It is also possible for an employer to celebrate achievement by setting goals in terms of progress; these goals can be monitored through the reporting feature.

What Are the System Requirements for Online Training Courses?

Just as with any software it is important to have the right system requirements before committing to a service package. The system requirements for online training courses depend upon the particular service being used. For something like Mindflash that works using web connectivity the requirements are simple: a recent version of an operating system, a popular browser and a recent version of the Flash software. These things will ensure that employers are able to upload information for their training courses, but also ensure that employees are able to access and complete all information within the courses.

How Does System Reporting Work with Online Training Courses?

With the Mindflash system, employers can access and export data on trainee’s progress in the course at hand. Each report can include: the name of the trainee, the trainee’s status, quiz grades and the last time they were active on the training course website. This information can be helpful both in determining progress as well as determining which employees are not engaging in the online training program.

Even Unconventional Companies Can Benefit From Online Training Courses

Online training courses are not only suitable for companies with a more corporate structure. Online training courses are also a great method for structuring training programs for companies that are scattered. Online training programs provide a central location for education for employees who telecommute, employees who are outsourced and contracted employees worldwide.

Putting Mindflash to Work For You

Customer Service Skills

Training through Mindflash for customer service skills provides employees with the ability to expand their social skills and people skills as well as expand their product and service knowledge. E-learning can help individuals in the customer service sector by providing regular, small session training programs to keep representatives on their game at all times. Due to a significant degree of outsourcing in the customer service industry, e-learning is also beneficial for providing uniform training opportunities.

Compliance Training

Compliance is a huge part of any business that can lead to loss of business license or closing down of the business itself due to regulation violations. The reason that e-learning is crucial in this field is that it provides the opportunity to train employees while also testing their comprehension of new knowledge. Comprehension is critical in compliance training in order to ensure that a company is not fined.

Development Training

Another major concern for business owners these days is keeping their employees on top of their game in terms of recent developments in the industry. Mindflash gives a more affordable opportunity for employers to educate employees in new advances in a fast and affordable manner.

Finance Training

The field of finance has a considerable number of certifications that are required as companies grow to take on various financial opportunities. Services like Mindflash provide online training in financial certification that allows employees to focus specifically on areas that they are having difficulty with. This type of training also allows employees to learn from the experience of those who have already sat for specific financial exams.

Food Services Training

Food service industries have a number of elements that come together to make a successful employee. The Mindflash system can make teaching some of these elements much easier including: how to enter orders, how to stick to dietary requests and restrictions and how to remember ingredients in signature dishes. All of these elements can be taught without spending time of experienced employees as they teach them.

HR Training

The human resources field is one that is forever growing with new rules and regulations being put in to place constantly. Utilizing a system like Mindflash can help to keep HR professionals on their game by quizzing them on new regulations in their field. By allowing employees to take their courses in their own time, there is also a reduced chance that fatigue will influence recall ability.

IT Training

LaptopThe IT field is another field that is constantly undergoing changes. With new languages coming out at all times and new equipment standards being put in to place it is crucial to provide constantly updated training information. Using a service like Mindflash allows for this training information to be presented without the cost and hassle of training seminars.

Safety Training

Safety training is another one of the biggest reasons that employers choose to use online training courses. Safety training is a crucial part of any occupation but it is also a time-consuming and expensive process to run through each time a new employee is hired. Providing safety training information via Mindflash is a cost-effective and easily updated method of keeping employees on the ball.

Online Training Provides Many Other Training Opportunities

Online training is not only limited to those examples listed above; in fact it can be applied to just about any industry and any position. The bottom line is that online training provides a cost-effective way to train employees in all occupational fields while minimizing the time that employees spend in seminars and on training retreats.

Creating Your Own MindFlash course

Many corporations use Mindflash’s services to create employee training modules, but did you know that you don’t have to be a large company or corporation to create your own course on Mindflash? If you are an expert on any subject, you can create your own professional course quickly and easily and charge whatever fees you like over the $9.00 minimum.

Here’s a Sampling of Some of the Training Currently Available Through MindFlash

  • Knitting courses
  • Martial arts video courses
  • Management training courses
  • Yoga certification courses
  • Beer brewing courses
  • Computer programming courses
  • New employee training
  • Google AdWords training
  • Even a course on MindFlash itself!

How Do You Set Up a Course?

Courses are created through an application on the website. The app is straightforward and very easy to use: You create your own title for the course, generate your own handouts, quizzes, and certificate information, and you create a criteria for learners to pass the course (such as a certain score on the quiz). Quizzes have True/False options, multiple choice, or logical ordering questions, and learners and creators are able to view their performance statistics in real-time. To make your course even more interesting, you can add Word documents, PDFs, Powerpoint presentations, and video files as well. Many of the options in setting up the course are automated, such as converting these documents into slides, allowing you to re-order slide; and many of the quiz creation options are automated by the app, too.

The app is built with the casual user in mind as well as the complete professional, and no advanced computer programming or in-depth knowledge about using the software is required; it is all incredibly self-explanatory. All these are aimed at helping future learners to understand the information. You can then add trainees or learners to your course directly or sell the course to other people to use for training. The app generates a course in an easy to use and understand interface, that can be easily navigated by virtually anyone, not just the incredibly computer savvy. Once your course is set up, though, literally anyone can sign up for it through the internet. There are no limits to how many people may want to train using your course.

What Setup Costs Are Involved With MindFlash?

MindFlash itself does not charge you to set up your course on the site. What may cost you money is getting the materials for your course together, such as graphics, images, and edited videos. It may also cost you a lot of paid or unpaid time to put the course together using the MindFlash set-up, especially if your course is long and complex. Writing and gathering documents and quizzes, making the videos using special equipment, and flashy PowerPoint presentations will all make your course much more attractive to your potential audience, but again, might add hidden expenses to your setup.

Think about how much you can really charge for your course so that it will sell and then figure out if you can to cut costs somewhere without sacrificing quality. You might consider breaking down a long course into a several mini-course series, where one course naturally leads to the next. This keeps your current customers engaged in your business and expands your customer base with each new installment, making each course less expensive to produce because on its own.

How Much Is MindFlash Going to Cost Me to Sell In The Marketplace?

If you only want to sell courses, and not put yourself or your employees through training in other users’ courses, MindFlash membership is completely free to join. The company will allow you to create a course without a set-up fee, and there are no merchant fees or listing fees. However, MindFlash will take a fifteen percent cut of each course sale you make. Courses have a minimum selling price of $9.99.

If you sell your course for that price, MindFlash’s cut of it is only fifteen cents. Things change when you want to put yourself and/or your employees through other people’s training courses. You will need to buy a monthly package based on the number of people you will be putting through training every month. One to five people starts at $29.00 per month, all the way up to $999.00 per month for up to one thousand people.

Each monthly plan allows all users to sign up for an unlimited number of courses, take an unlimited number of quizzes, and to sell courses as well. Every plan comes with a free thirty-day trial, where you can try out an unlimited number of courses and see how you like the format. If you do decide on a paid membership plan, there are no contracts, and you can change or cancel your plan at any time you wish.

How Much Money Can You Make on Your Courses?

The short answer is, the sky is the limit. Although MindFlash imposes a minimum price of nine dollars and ninety-nine cents on each course, most courses in fact sell for more than that– sometimes much more. Think about how much time and effort you put into each course: If all you are doing is uploading some PDF files from your employee handbook and writing a few quizzes, you probably will not find anyone willing to pay more than the minimum for that program. However, if you have taken the time to hire a professional and film some training videos specifically for the program that will lead to a valid professional certification, you will be able to charge much more.

One business who has courses like this available for sale charges over six-hundred dollars for the complete set, which is designed to last about three months. On average, though, courses usually run in the twenty to forty dollar range each, and at that price, you can sell many copies. The best way to make money is to create a quality course that helps people understand the things that you already know. Use many different types of media and even include guided activities, and make sure you are quizzing over the important content to ensure your learners are comprehending the lessons. Once your high-quality, reasonably priced course has been used and enjoyed, it will probably take off.

Have you used MindFlash?

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I feel online training is an excellent way for businesses to train their employees whenever possible. First of all, you don’t have to pay a trainer to teach courses throughout the day. Second, you don’t have to worry about making sure all the employees attend the class. Instead, all you have to do is set aside time for each employee to take the classes. This also allows your business to remain productive because not all of the employees are taking the course at once.

The only problem I see is if the material is difficult and employees have questions. In this case, I would think it would be better for companies to teach the class in person rather than relying on a computer. This would allow employees to ask questions as necessary and would ensure that everyone fully understands the information.

For the most part, I think companies would greatly benefit from this option. The simple ability of being able to stay productive while employees are taking the class is enough. When businesses teach classes in person, some choose to close for the day, which can cause the business to lose a lot of money and frustrate customers. In other words, it only makes sense to use this service whenever possible.


I am so glad I stopped by to read this review of Mindflash. I have been looking for the right software to do my training from. Nothing is worse than trying to offer training only to end up doing tech support instead. If you are going to offer training in this format, that is great. You are allowing those you train to do the work at their own pace and you don’t have to pay them to come in and spend hours with their eyes glazed over while you try to make the most incredibly boring information interesting enough to them to keep them awake. That’s all great. But when the technical end becomes more of a pain than a positive, it is some to think about the source you are using.

I have been looking for information on Mindflash before I made my choice, and I am glad I could find it here. I do not want to go get all wrapped up in a program that is going to cause me more problems than I need. But I do want to make things more convenient for my trainees and meet the requirements I have to meet. I am pretty sure this is the one I will go with because I have already heard lots of great things about them.


I love using online training and online classes. I am not a person who wants to waste time just for the sake of wasting time. And I promise, if I am sitting there listening to someone lecture me, I am not paying attention. I am probably thinking about the work I could be getting done at home, or maybe about what I am going to make for dinner. If the person giving the lecture were to look over at me, they would see a glaze in my eyes that would make them feel like they are boring. The truth is that I just can’t listen like that.

Now, if you give me information I can read and review at my own pace, I am not only going to get it done in less than half the time, but I am actually going to pay attention to whatever it is I am supposed to be learning about.

As a future educator, I was also thinking about how these kinds of training programs would benefit people who have learning disabilities. I mean, they might fail a test in a class because of the LD even if they know the material, but in a no pressure online training course, they have half a chance!


I remember when I worked at the hospital and had to go in for all these training course. We got paid for them and in some cases, people were making overtime pay for sitting in this training session. I knew what I made per hour and I knew it was only a fraction of the pay that most of the people in there made because I was just a tech. Some of those training sessions lasted for 8 hours. Some of them were just going over things we already knew. If we could have taken the test when we walked in the door, the hospital probably could have saved thousands of dollars in that one training session alone.

If the hospital had implemented something like Mindflash, their training would have been quite inexpensive. It would have even made the record keeping end of the session easier. Employees can be held responsible instead of the employer. If they know what they are doing, it would not take long and while they might lose that extra money, they would not have to spend the gas to get there or the time away from family.


I think this is a wonderful idea for companies. Instead of holding a class for the entire workforce, and losing an entire day of productivity, businesses can allow a few employees to train each day. This keeps the business up and running, while also making sure that each employee is properly trained. I’ve worked with companies in the past that used this method and found that it was easier to concentrate on the material when it was presented in this format.

Of course, this would also be a wonderful service for homeschoolers to use. Either they could create training courses for their children or they might collaborate with teachers who use the system to find training material that would be suited to their children. Not to mention that using this service would make grading many assignments foolproof.

Also, this would be a perfect service for online employers to use. Those in the freelance writing field, tech service, or even the telemarketing service could greatly benefit from a service like this one. It would even be a great way for companies to judge whether or not an individual would make a good fit for the company.


With the rising rate of gas prices coupled with the growing number of laws and standards, I don’t see how a company could even afford training anymore that is not online. Employees don’t want to waste their gas money and time to drive to work for a required course that they could learn about at home. And I don’t know about anyone else, but I never really earned much from those Saturday training sessions where my co-workers and I acted more like kids than adults (probably because we felt like we were being treated as such).

But more laws are added every day in every area, so keeping employees trained in specific areas is a legal concern. Even if you only do one training session a year, you are wasting time, money, and supplies to do it. An online course lets them review what they want to when they want to and they can print out materials that might want to keep for later without you footing the bill for papers that are going to be thrown out after class. Online training just makes good sense all the way around, even for tracking results.


Very interesting article, I never knew so much training could happen online.


…Should I Feel so Inclined

See with me, I have a lot of good ideas, but I don’t know how to sell them you know. I’m not exactly sure how to market them so that customers will buy them. I feel like if I could learn marketing a little better, and get one of my good product ideas out there, I could be set for life. Well, maybe to be set for life, that might take a few good ideas, lol. But I think so many people enjoy continuing learning experiences.

I actually think I would create a class with Mindflash that was priced really affordably, something like $20 or something. That way, if you had even a passing interest in the subject matter, it would be ridiculous to pass up learning about it. I know a lot of things. I’m an avid reader, and I have several hobbies that I can pretty much say that I’m an expert in. Right now I’m making a list of things that I could teach about. I’m really looking forward to this experience. Thank you for sharing this info. Awesome!


I’ve heard of Mindflash, but I never knew what it was. That’s the thing with a lot of B2B companies I think. You see the logos, you hear their names, but you don’t realize what they offer until you encounter them through your job or read something cool about them. I can think of about 10 seminars I would have really loved to skip.

Gosh, when you get a new job, it can be so tedious. I remember when I was working as a waitress. I did well and made good tips, but the restaurant I got the job at was part of this huge chain that was popular in my area. The food was above medium fare and right below high end fare. They had these training sessions we had to go to and it would have been just as easy to complete that work online.

I mean you can literally watch some adults become total class clowns because these training classes are so redundant and boring. I did my best because I really wanted the job, and I had a friend that was a hard worker like me. Positive peer pressure, lol.


MindFlash looks like just the solution I have been searching for! My company has prided itself on being able to train new employees quickly and effectively, and a special project team even put together a comprehensive employee handbook with review questions at the end of each section to ensure understanding.

If we could put this into MindFlash software, I am convinced now that it would be even more effective. Basically, we hire a person and give them their homework in the handbook during their first week of training.

I think it really adds to their understanding of the workplace, and our mission, what we are about, what is expected of each job, and so forth. We are not a large company, so we can afford some personalization.

The features of MindFlash sound perfect for this situation: We can add our training to the MindFlash training, ensuring that our personal lessons are mixed with effective professional training from experts spanning a variety of fields. Plus, lessons like customer service skills are applicable to almost any type of job and represent the types of knowledge that a person can take with them to get ahead in his or her own career.


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