Best Mobile App Builder: Swiftic vs Appy Pie vs AppMakr vs iBuildApp & More!

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I want to build an app. Is there an app for that? As a matter of fact, there is! If you want to create an app for your business but don’t have the funds to hire a developer, these app makers are for you. And, building it doesn’t have to deplete your bank account. Using these software programs is cheaper than hiring a web developer and, best of all, you can build it yourself. Here’s a comparison of the top 5 mobile app builders that we’ve found.

How to Make an App

The average smartphone user has 26 apps downloaded onto their device. So why not join the app making world! There are a few things you’ll want to know before developing an app. First of all, this is a relatively new industry. The majority of these companies have sprouted up within the past few years, so this industry is constantly evolving. But, the good thing is, you won’t need to know coding for any of them. Thanks to app builders creating apps is easier than ever. With most of the companies you pay a monthly fee so contracts aren’t required. And many offer a free version or a money back guarantee. So, if you’re unsure of how good you’ll be at creating your app, you can test it out first to see how it goes! After your app is live on the App Store, you can make future updates in the app maker so your users can have the most current version. Ready to start building? Read on to learn which is the best app for you!

App Reseller Program: Make Money with Your App

In addition to charging a fee and/or having ads in your apps and generating income from your app that way, many of the companies we reviewed offer reseller programs (meaning after you build your app you can “white label” it and list it on the app builder’s marketplace for purchase by others. Those who purchase your app can then brand it with their own design and take a advantage of having a pre-built app while you make money each time they buy your app. A win-win! However to participate in the reseller program you must pay extra but depending on the service you can list multiple apps for one reseller fee.

Swiftic Review (Formerly Como)


Visit Website

NOTE: In March 2017 Como changed their name to Swiftic. Swiftic is confident in their apps, and we are confident in making them our top pick. The company guarantees that you will see results within six months or you’ll get an extra six months free. The example apps shown on their site have great designs and consumers say the tools are easy to use. They also offer additional features including loyalty programs, push notifications and automated actions. The downside is that the apps are only available for iOS and Android mobile devices. Reviews also state that Swiftic has excellent customer service although we don’t see a chat feature or phone number to contact them. So it looks like email (or their help center online) is the only way to go. They also have an option to hire a pro in case you need a little extra help.



  • Guaranteed results
  • Easy to use
  • Great looking design examples
  • Customizable with different themes, colors, layouts, styles, icons and backgrounds
  • FAQ and email support, plus dedicated success team to guide you along the way
  • No live chat or phone support

Swiftic Price

Como does not offer a free trial, but they do have a 30-day money back guarantee.

  • $57/month (if paid monthly)
  • $48/month (if you pay for one year upfront)
  • $41/month (if you pay for two years upfront)

Coupon Code

At this time we are unaware of any Swiftic coupon codes.

Appy Pie Review


Visit Website

Appy Pie makes it easy to create apps for HTML5, Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows and Amazon Fire OS using drag and drop functionality. However, if you want your apps to be accessible on all six platforms, you’ll have to purchase the Platinum Appy Pie plan, which is $50/month. Appy Pie includes its branding on all apps except for the Platinum plan so there’s a second reason you may want to go with the upgraded plan. AppyPie was launched in 2013, so it is fairly young for this category, but they’ve built apps for some pretty reputable companies including Nike and Home Depot.



  • No automated ads on paid versions
  • App analytics and Google Analytics for paid versions
  • Monetize with iAds
  • Live chat, phone and email support
  • Reseller program so you can build and sell your app to others to brand as their own
  • Free version available (no credit card required)
  • Appy Pie branding on all versions except the Platinum plan
  • Small selection of icons and backgrounds

Appy Pie Price per App

Appy Pie offers a 30-day money back guarantee with all of its paid plans.

  • Free: displays ads (iOS, Android and HTML5) no credit card required
  • Basic: $15/month with no ads (Android and HTML5)
  • Gold: $30/month with no ads (iOS, Android and HTML5)
  • Platinum: $50/month with no ads (Windows, Blackberry, Kindle, iOS, Android and HTML5)

Appy Pie also offers Lifetime plans per app:

  • Basic: $500
  • Gold: $1,000
  • Platinum: $1,500

Discount for military, non-profits, schools and students on annual and lifetime plans.

Coupon Code

There are not any Appy Pie coupon codes at this time.

AppMakr/Infinite Monkeys Review


AppMakr: Visit Website | Infinite Monkeys: Visit Website

AppMakr was acquired by Infinite Monkeys in 2013 and functionality has been merged together. So, today they both do the same thing for the same price. You can create your own iPhone apps, Android apps and HTML5 mobile formatted websites. To make a profit, you can place your own ads in the app and charge money for users to purchase it, too. Both have HTML 5 functionality, high-resolution photo galleries, design customization, live updates and more. AppMakr started up in 2010 while Infinite Monkeys was a year later, making them both some of the more established app makers (and extremely affordable too). Learn more about AppMakr in our interview with their Founder Jay Shapiro.



  • No ads but you can install your own ads to make money
  • Live stat reporting
  • Unlimited updates
  • Competitive pricing (lowest of all app builders we reviewed)
  • Apps run on Windows, Android and iOS devices
  • Charge for your app in the App Store
  • Free version and all paid plans are contract free to cancel at anytime
  • 30 day free trial
  • Reseller program available to sell app to others
  • Publishing an iPhone app can be tricky
  • Windows has fewer features
  • Live chat for Pro users only

AppMakr and Infinite Monkeys Prices

The pricing and products are the same for both brands and none of these options display advertisements:

  • Mobile Website: Free (no credit card required)
  • App Basics: $1/month billed annually
  • App Pro: $9/month billed annually
  • Unlimited/Reseller: $39/month allows you to create as many apps as you wish (other plans are only for one app) and you can resell the app to other companies if you wish to increase your revenue.

Coupon Code

There are not any AppMakr coupon codes at this time.

Other App Builder Reviews

Below are the other app creators we’ve reviewed for this article.

AppInstitute | AppMachine | iBuildApp | Nativ | Shoutem

AppInstitute Review

AppInstitute logoVisit Website

AppInstitute is a UK-based company that makes building an app for your business easy with their custom branded templates and drag and drop editor. The great thing about AppInstitute is they are completely free until you decide to publish your app to the Apple and/or Android store. They also have a number of features including calendar and booking system, adding rich media like videos and streaming music, loyalty programs, accepting online payments, push notifications and more all with real-time stats!



  • 100% free until you publish (no credit card required to start building)
  • Drag and drop builder and preview as you go
  • Reseller program
  • Option to hire a developer to help with design
  • Online chat support
  • International company might mean slower response rate from customer service for US users/customers
  • Additional features are more pricey

AppInstitute Price

  • Core: $28/month billed annually (Android only)
  • Professional: $54/month billed annually (includes iOS and additional features like push notifications)
  • Enterprise: $96/month billed annually (additional advanced features like CRM)
  • Reseller: $120/month billed annually

AppMachine Review

AppMachine logoVisit Website

AppMachine is an app builder based in the Netherlands that scans your existing website to create a recommended app based on your site’s content. Like AppInstitute you can build for free as long as you’d like and you only pay once you hit publish. They also have an app academy to learn more about how to create and promote your app. However, their pricing is on the more expensive end and based on the features we didn’t see any compelling reason that they’d be worth the extra price.



  • Free to use forever (before publishing)
  • Make updates to your app using your smartphone
  • Email and phone support
  • Reseller program offered
  • Online academy with additional training resources
  • Not as many bells and whistles as competitors (CRM, embedded media, etc)
  • On the pricey side

AppMachine Price

  • Plus: $49 per app per month, billed annually (20% savings)
  • Pro: $69 per app per month, billed annually (20% savings)
  • Reseller Bundle: $99/month for 3 apps, billed monthly
  • Reseller Bundle XL: $300/month for 30 apps, billed monthly

iBuildApp Review

iBuildApp logoVisit Website

iBuildApp has been around since 2010 and has more than 15,000 entities using their apps including universities, government agencies and corporations like Whole Foods. They have easy to use drag and drop builders, thousands of templates to choose from and 25+ features to customize your app. You can update your app at any time and there is even a team available to ensure you have the guidance and tools you need to get your apps published.



  • 15 day money back guarantee on all plans
  • Push notifications and advanced tracking
  • Create loyalty coupons and use promo toolkit to attract new customers
  • FAQ, email and phone support 24 hours a day 5 days a week
  • Dedicated success team
  • Limited app downloads except for Unlimited and Enterprise plans
  • Android and iOS only

iBuild Price

iBuild App offers a 15-day money back guarantee.

  • Professional: $23.40/month, billed annually
  • Business: $59.40/month, billed annually
  • Business Lifetime: $999 (one-time fee)
  • Corporate Organization: $833/month, billed annually
  • Enterprise: Contact for Pricing

Nativ App Maker Review

Nativ logoVisit Website

Nativ lets you start creating an app within seconds with no login, credit card or required info. Simply click on the “start building” icon and it takes you straight into their editor where you can select a layout, pick colors, fonts and apps while previewing the app on the right side of the screen in the real-time previewer as you make selections and changes. They have a basic version to test out but if you upgrade you’ll get access to more insights, be able to send push notifications and more. If you need extra help, you can hire a designer to build it for you for only $200. The only downside is the app is only available for iOS (at the time of publishing).



  • Sleek designs and easy to get started
  • Unlimited push notifications
  • Technical support via ticket system or use their support center to find an answer
  • No Android (but coming soon)
  • No guarantee your app will be published (but say their apps hardly ever get denied)
  • No phone support or guidance the other apps offer

Nativ Price

  • Basic: Free for the first month, then $14/month
  • Premium: $48/month
  • Hire a Designer: Starting at $200

Shoutem Review

Shoutem logoVisit Website

Shoutem is an app creator tool that offers one set price for unlimited support, similar features and ongoing updates. You just pick the level that fits the operating system you wish to use (the higher priced plans also offer additional features). Features are similar to the other services in that they include events, loyalty programs, social integrations and more. They also offer optional packages that include professional or enterprise set up if you’re looking for something unique or need a little extra help.



  • Monetize your app with advertising within the app or partner with other businesses to promote their products for an additional revenue stream
  • Import or create content with their content management system (connects to WordPress, Facebook and more)
  • Support via email
  • Works with many reputable companies including Mashable, USA Today and Entrepreneur
  • Try for free but unclear how long the trial period is for
  • Templates didn’t seem as customizable or contemporary as other services

Shoutem Price

  • Basic: $19.90/month, billed annually (HTML5 only)
  • Advanced: $49.00/month, billed annually (iPhone, Android, HTML5 and includes push notifications)
  • Unlimited: $119.90/month, billed annually (also includes iPad app and API access)
  • Enterprise: contact for info

Why Not Hire Someone To Develop an App?

Hiring someone for a job can be a bit scary and the same goes for building apps. Now you don’t have to worry about hiring someone like Dennis (watch the video below) because you can learn how to develop an app yourself using app builder software!

But, don’t worry, if you need a little extra help, some of the services we reviewed offer professional app designers at an affordable price.

Are There Additional Costs to Building an App?

As of May 2015, Android users had 1.5 million apps to choose from while Apple users had 1.4 million. So you’ll probably want to have your app available in both the Google Play Store and the iTunes Store since they are the two largest App Stores. Typically you have to pay the store to have your app available for download.

Apple charges a $99 annual developer fee and Google Play charges a one-time fee of $25.

That’s not cheap, but hopefully your app will be getting a lot of downloads and eventually you can charge a fee or even put ads on your apps.

What app ideas do you have?

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Mark S
Mark S

I used App Maker/Infinite Monkey and thought everything was great until I learned about a HUGE problem they have. You are not allowed to change the app permissions and this is a direct quote from a message I received from them; “When you created an app with us, those permissions are placed on the app by our system. Apparently, there is no way to change or remove them. It is used strictly for the purposes of the functions you put into the app. It is a great suggestion to customize the permissions per app based on which functions are actually included, however we have chosen to
take the more cautious approach and fully disclose any of the permissions that MAY be required so that our users fully understand the implications of all the elements that could ever be included in one of our apps.” HUGE problem because any app you build with them will warn a user that your app needs access to their calendar, contacts, web browsing and can make calls on their behalf. Never use them!

Richard Davidson
Richard Davidson

I would recommend checking out Bizness Apps. I use them currently and looked for weeks for an app maker for my clients. The above builders don’t really offer any features that a small business would use, like loyalty programs, food ordering, mobile commerce etc. Bizness Apps has all of this and more, a little more advanced app builder, but definitely worth checking out.


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