Movistar Digital Media Summit 2015: Facebook, Twitter & Google Plus

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Movistar Digital Media Summit in PeruIn March 2015, I had the opportunity to attend the “Movistar Digital Media Summit” held in Lima, Peru. This chance to listen and learn from the people who work on the most popular social media platforms today (Facebook, Twitter & Google Plus) provided a wealth of knowledge that I would like to share with you. Whether you are a social media expert, business manager or a content marketer, I hope you find these key takeaways from the conference beneficial for the growth of your business, and, in particular, your social marketing and strategic efforts.

Movistar Digital Media Summit Speakers

  • Daniel Sieberg – Senior Marketing Manager at Google; Oversees media outreach efforts and its official spokesperson; Author of The Digital Diet (View on Amazon).
  • Randi Zuckerberg – Former Director of Market Development at Facebook; Sister of Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook’s founder); Currently founder/CEO of Zuckerberg Media and editor of Wired; Author of Dot Complicated: Untangling Our Wired Lives (View on Amazon).
  • Dom Sagolla – Twitter co-creator and author of 140 Characters (View on Amazon).

Movistar Digital Summit Key Takeaways

The conference took place at the SwissOtel in Lima, Peru, and offered a rare look into social media and marketing in South America and around the globe. I was thrilled to be on-hand, since I live in Peru, and take advantage of this opportunity to learn from these social networking icons. Here is a recap of my primary takeaways at the 2015 Movistar Digital Summit.

Daniel Sieberg

Daniel’s presentation revolved around his book, The Digital Diet. He talked about the relationship we have with technology today and how it can be used in a way that improves our relationship with friends, family and work rather than the other way around. The point of the “diet” is to be vigilant about your e-day (the time you spend online each day, from the moment your digital use starts to when it ends) in order to allocate gadget use to their proper place and time. Daniel mentioned too that the tendency to pull out our devices during quality time is growing and that we are so engrossed in them to the point that looking down at a cellphone screen seems to be more valuable than our actual, real life. We often walk with our heads down, risking our lives everyday by not pay attention to what’s happening around us.

Daniel also gave some tips on how to build better business relationships. He said “don’t just email them” because it is that conversation, that face-to-face interaction, that is extremely powerful and what is most likely to propel you to do business together.

On a different note, he pointed out that today, journalists and publishers must recognize the value of social spaces for reviewing trends, finding sources and influential people, and promoting stories. If you want to look for ideas and improve your work, you should make more active and strategic use of the social networks.

Randi Zuckerberg

Randi gave a presentation on the top 10 hot trends in Silicon Valley. Some of them we can adopt into our own philosophies, our own businesses and our own careers.

One of my favorite trends mentioned by Randi is what Google applied to give life to products such as AdWords and Gmail. It’s called “20% time” where employees are allowed to spend 20% of their workweek working on a passion project (philanthropy, startup, etc.), and employees can use some corporate resources to work on dream projects. In the end, this ends up being great for any company that applies the 20% strategy. Just imagine what could happen if you give your employees the opportunity to be entrepreneurial and actually come up with startups during their workweek. You could have the next big thing in your hands!

Another cool thing to pay attention to in 2015, especially for retail businesses, is the reinvention of retailing. Some businesses today consider their social marketing power (the amount of followers you have on social media) more powerful than its financials. More and more retail businesses are accepting social media followers as a form of payment; the thought behind this idea is that the free marketing is worth more to them than what customers would have paid for whatever good or service the company offers.

These are just a couple of the awesome trends Randi shared with us during the Movistar Digital Media Summit Conference. For the full trends, check out the video below.

Dom Sagolla

Last but not least, Dom commenced his presentation with a brief history of how Twitter got started. He later shared some insights on how to best use this social platform. One of the most important insights was, as he put it, “Constraints enable creativity, they inspire trust. Choose the right constraints and you’ll eliminate uncertainty while empowering choice”. I think this is true as this is the essence of Twitter. Your writing space is constrained to only 140 characters. So, you have to be creative in crafting that perfect tweet or headline to get the valuable re-tweets we all want.

Dom also tells us to use the tools of literature and poetry to craft an authentic human moment so your followers unmistakably know what you are saying. Avoid a robotic sounding voice when crafting tweets. Instead, use your voice as if you were speaking, write everything you are saying and if you run into the character limit try to find those poetic examples, those inspirational figures and imitate them.

You can catch the full presentation by Dom from the conference in the following video:

More on Movistar Digital Media Summit

If you missed it, I did some live tweeting from the event so be sure to catch up on the @WeRockYourWeb Twitter feed and the hashtag #MovistarDigitalSummit. (Note: the conference took place in Lima, Peru so many of the Tweets found on this hashtag are in Spanish).

What recent marketing and/or social media conference would you recommend?

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