Omnistar Mailer Review: Email Marketing at an Affordable Price

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Omnistar Mailer ReviewNote to our readers: Omnistar Mailer was recently acquired by AWeber and now operates as AWeber. Learn more about AWeber in our email marketing comparison.

Email marketing is a huge part of any business that wants to be a part of the business side of technology, but with so many different mailing programs to choose from it can be difficult to decide which is for you. Omnistar is just one mailer among many, but it offers a large number of features for a particularly affordable price.

Review Overview

Customer Service & Reputation
Pricing Template Selection
Social Media Marketing
List Segmentation
Spam Score


Omnistar has great customer service and has a one time fee for emails. What brought their score down was their lack of social media integration.

What Is Email Marketing Software?

Email marketing software is software that is developed to work directly with large numbers of e-mail addresses to send newsletters and e-mail correspondence to subscribers. E-mail is an important and extremely effective method of communicating with readers and followers of blogs, websites and businesses but sitting down manually to email each member individually is time consuming. This is exactly why email marketing software was created. Visit our review of the leading email marketing solutions.

How is Email Marketing Software Used?

Email marketing software is mostly utilized to keep in touch with website readers to inform them of the most recent developments in business; however, it is used for other reasons as well. Online businesses commonly use email marketing to send emails to prompt past shoppers to make new purchases if they have not visited their website in a while. This type of software is also a good avenue to increase business through offering coupons and discounts exclusively to email subscribers.

What exactly is Omnistar Mailer?

Omnistar Mailer is an email marketing software signed to help users create, send and track e-mails to e-mail marketing lists. Omnistar is recognized as being the mailing software utilized by many big businesses including: Macys, Cisco, the University of Washington, First Florida Bank, NASA, Cornell University and Louisiana State University. Omnistar Mailer offers a wide array of email marketing options to users including: the ability to rebrand and profit from email marketing services, automation of email marketing with an autoresponder, in depth reports for analysis of email marketing results, optimization of revenue from marketing campaigns, personalization of marketing campaigns, the ability to target subscribers, the ability to scan emails for spam flags before sending, preview emails before sending to ensure they are viewable in various email clients, automatic movement of emails to new lists, the ability to split text email campaigns and in depth tracking of email subscribers activity.

What Packages Does Omnistar Mailer Offer?

There are currently three different Omnistar Mailer packages offered, these include the server install package, the basic reseller package and the premium reseller package.

The Server Install Package

The server install package offered by Omnistar Mailer is the perfect package for a single company and comes at the cost of $287 for a one time install. Unlike other mailer software that charges based on the size of an email marketing list or the number of subscribers, the server install package from Omnistar Mailer has only a onetime fee. Once the software is installed on your server you will be free to send unlimited emails to unlimited email addresses. The one time purchase fee also covers twelve months of free upgrades on the mailer software and also comes with a ninety day money back guarantee. Currently purchasers of the server install package will also receive one hundred dollars of Google AdWords credit absolutely free. This package also includes a “Tell-a-Friend” software absolutely free that enables you to advertise your product and services through the “tell a friend” feature. This install package of Omnistar Mailer is NOT the best choice for you if you are looking to resell email services.

The Basic Reseller Package

The basic reseller package offered by Omnistar Mailer is a good package for those making their start in reselling services. The cost of this package is a onetime fee of $587. The basic reseller package has reseller rights for five clients. As with the server install package, the basic reseller package installs directly on your server and comes with twelve months of free software upgrades and a ninety day money back guarantee. Additionally at the moment users of this package also receive the $100 AdWords credit and access to the free Tell-A-Friend software.

The Premium Reseller Package

The premium reseller package offered by Omnistar Mailer offers all of the same services and functions; however, it also offers the ability to resell the service to ten clients rather than five. The cost of this premium reseller package is a onetime fee of $887.This package is the perfect package for experienced resellers.

What Are the Key Features of Omnistar Mailer Packages?

All three of the Omnistar Mailer packages offer key services in the following areas: custom email design, administrative features, service and support features, power mailer features and tracking and reporting features.

Custom Email Design Features

Omnistar Mailer offers a number of custom email design features that make personalizing visually appealing emails much easier than it has been in the past. With over twenty professionally designed email templates to choose from and the ability to personalize each email in a user friendly email editor make Omnistar a great choice for a beginner to email marketing. The professionally designed email templates are regularly updated to ensure fresh looking emails each time a mailing is released. Users can add custom images to emails and import custom HTML templates.

Administrative Features

Administrative features that help Omnistar Mailer stand out from other mailing software applications include: the ability to create automated reminders, an email preview tool, the ability to utilize multiple FTP servers and the ability to duplicate email protection.

Service and Support Features

While Omnistar Mailer is particularly user friendly there may be occasions when you cannot find a feature that you are looking for or you are unable to figure something out. In these cases there are a number of support features available including: a 24/7 help desk that offers a same day response guarantee on their services, telephone support for follow up to the customer support ticket feature (telephone support is available Monday through Friday from 11am to 7pm EST,) sales and marketing webinars that educate users and instructional videos that walk users through the various features offered by Omnistar.

Power Mailer FeaturesStrategy in Email Marketing

Power mailer features are features that really make Omnistar Mailer stand out from competing mailer companies. Omnistar boasts many of these features including the following:

Email Management Triggers: Email management triggers are set up to make sure that any email recipients are only on email lists that reflect marketing goals set by the user. This feature allows for much more efficient email management and consequently more productive email campaigns.

Target Search Technology: The advanced target search technology built in to Omnistar allows users to search their data in order to generate a targeted list of a particular portion of e-mail subscribers. This capability allows for users to run much more successful mailing campaigns rather than blind mailing.

Detailed Campaign Reports: One of the biggest features that are required from those who utilize mailer software on a regular basis is access to detailed reports. Omnistar Mailer allows for users to access detailed statistics which include elements such as : who has opened and read emails, how many times that email has been read, what links within emails have been clicked and how many times each link has been clicked. These details are important in being able to focus marketing campaigns using the techniques that have proven to work.

Email Throttling: Email campaigns can be a tricky thing when it comes to abiding by hosting company and internet service providers. Many of these services send up red flags when they observe too many emails being sent at once. These limits can severely restrict email sending programs unless these programs have an email throttling feature like the one built in to Omnistar Mailer.

Scheduling of Email Campaigns: Another important feature in mailing software is the ability to schedule email campaigns. The scheduling feature on Omnistar Mailer allows for users to set up both a time and a date to allow emails to be automatically sent.

Split Test Email Campaigns: Split test email campaigns is not a feature that is exclusive to Omnistar Mailer, in fact it can be found in most mailer software; however, when added to Omnistar’s arsenal it allows for more targeted marketing approaches. Split email tests allow for users to create two different email marketing campaigns to use with one mailing list in order to test which marketing approach is more effective.

SPAM Checker: The SPAM checker feature built in to Omnistar Mailer checks any email campaign against a compiled database of flagged SPAM words and phrases. Running emails through this feature helps to reduce the likelihood that email campaigns will go straight to the SPAM folder of email recipients.

Web Site Form Builder: Web site form builders allow for users to implement newsletter signup forms on to their own website with unique design features to make integration seamless. The majority of website owners who send out newsletter emails utilize a website form of some kind to attract readers to sign up; this feature makes the process much easier.

Unlimited Autoresponders: Autoresponders are a particularly useful feature that allows for automated emails to go out to email list subscribers on a set basis. While many mailer services allow for autoresponders to be set up they do not always allow for unlimited autoresponders like Omnistar does.

Simple Subscriber Import and Export Features: If a user has ever run off an alternate mailer program then the ability to import subscribers is very important. Additionally if there is any doubt about using a particular mailing software, then the ability to export mailing lists is also very important.

Tracking and Reporting Features

Tracking and reporting is just as important to mailing software as being able to handle large email marketing lists. Omnistar Mailer offers a number of tracking and reporting features including the following:

Campaign Click Statistics: Campaign click statistics allow for users to see link clicking activity in emails that have been sent. Users can see just how many times each link within the email has been clicked.

Email Read Statistics: Email read statistics are fairly self explanatory in that they allow the users to see how many times a subscriber reads emails sent to them.

Track and Manage Bounces: Bounces are emails that are returned back after they have been sent by the mailer software. The built in bounce manager in Omnistar Mailer allows for users to see how many bounces occur with each mailing. Users also have the ability to set the bounce manager to automatically delete emails that bounce back in addition to automatically delete anyone who clicks the unsubscribe link in the emails they receive.

Customization of Campaigns Through Statistics: With the statistics tools built in to Omnistar Mailer, users can create dynamic campaigns that send emails only to readers that have shown interest through click throughs before.

Requirements Necessary to Utilize Omnistar Mailer Software

As with any other software or mailer service, there are certain necessary requirements in order for a client to utilize Omnistar Mailer:

  • Users must run on a Windows, Linux or UNIX operating system.
  • PHP 4.0 or above must be enabled.
  • Omnistar Mailer requires a database of MySQL 4.0 or above.
  • A server must have Zend Optimizer or Ioncube Loaders enabled.

Commonly Asked Questions in Regards to Omnistar Mailer

Not everyone who chooses to utilize Omnistar Mailer software is familiar with mailing software and that can lead to a number of questions for users. Some of the more commonly asked questions in regards to this software relate to the following areas of use of this mailer:


Many users want to know if they can utilize the Omnistar Mailer software if they are not English speakers and they want to mail a non-English mailer. Omnistar Mailer is set up to allow for users to change a single file in order to translate the service in to a designated language.

Private Labeling of Omnistar Mailer

Private labeling of Omnistar Mailer refers to the ability to offer Omnistar mailing list software to clients, most frequently this is done by web designers. While Omnistar Mailer can be private labeled, users must purchase a reseller version of the software in order to make use of this function. After purchasing a reseller copy of Omnistar Mailing software, users also receive a user guide that can be sent to purchasers of the mailing software, these guides are not branded with the Omnistar Mailer brand name.

Can Omnistar Mailer be Customized or Personalized?

Omnistar Mailer has a number of features that can be customized by users. Email forms can be created with numerous personalized fields to collect as much or as little information as is required from each subscriber. Additionally, emails can be customized to greet subscribers by name and include any of the personal information collected through the personalized fields created in the email forms.

How Quickly Does Omnistar Mailer Send Out Mail?

One of the more important features for users that have large opt in email lists is the speed with which the software can send out mail. The speed at which the Omnistar Mailer software sends out emails is dependent upon the configuration of the mail server on which the software is running. To date Omnistar has been tested with up to three hundred thousand emails and has shown the ability to send one thousand emails in less than one minute.

Does Omnistar Mailer Offer A Free Trial on Their Services?

In short, the answer to this question is no, Omnistar Mailer does not offer a free trial on their mailer software. The reason for this is because the software is given to users with full access to the source code. Once a user has access to the source code they have the ability to copy and edit the software. Omnistar does offer users a ninety day money back guarantee however, to ensure that users are satisfied with their purchase.

Does Omnistar Mailer Require A Monthly Fee or Fee for the Number of Emails Sent?

One of the most appealing things about the Omnistar Mailer software is that there are no monthly fees or fees charged when email subscriber lists reach a certain length. The onetime fee for Omnistar is one of its biggest draws.

Is Omnistar Mailer Software For Me?

There are a large number of mailer software programs available and it can be difficult to decide whether a software like Omnistar is the right choice for you or your company. There are a number of reasons why Omnistar could be the best choice for you but most importantly for many is the lower cost of the program. If you are a larger company or a smaller company with a large number of email subscribers then there is no doubt that Omnistar is the right choice for you. Additionally, if you are looking for a software that makes email campaigns easy to use and easy to understand then Omnistar may be just what you are looking for. Not only is this program easy to understand but it also comes with absolutely free installation relatively instantly after purchase. There are a few reasons why Omnistar may not be the right choice for you however. If you are looking to resell mailing services on a large scale then Omnistar is not going to be a particularly cost efficient method for you to do this. If you are looking for a low cost mailing solution for a small scale project then this is not the right choice for you either. The large upfront payment required for the installation of Omnistar is simply not justifiable when many other mailing services and software offer free use of their services for small scale email lists. When it comes down to it the biggest factor in determining whether this is the right mailer for you is the size of your company and the size of your mailing list in addition to how quickly you expect it to grow.

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