Introducing Pinterest for Android, iPad and iPhone

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Pinterest app on phoneOn Tuesday August 14th, announced the launch of its Pinterest app for the Android, iPhone and iPad. The application is designed to make navigation of the popular social networking website easier through mobile channels and it has certainly been met with applause from avid pinners.

Taking Pinterest Mobile

The minds behind Pinterest have never intended users to lock themselves behind closed doors and repin their favorite pins for hours on end. Rather, the idea behind Pinterest was to inspire users to get out, go offline, and enjoy the things that users enjoy the most – the things they pin. This was just one driving force behind getting Pinterest mobile with the Pinterest app. The application now makes getting out and about while taking Pinterest with you much easier and will hopefully encourage even more creativity among users!

Pinterest App

The Pinterest app is currently available through the Apple store as well as via Apps.Pinterest.Com and is completely free to download. Why use the Pinterest app instead of simply pulling up the Pinterest website? The application is optimized to pull up much more quickly and view pins in a more compact format without having to scroll back and forth.

Why Android?

It may seem unusual for Pinterest to specifically target Android users with the release of their app, most particularly because the majority of app releases are targeted towards Apple users. However, the Android community has been a significant part of Pinterest over its lifetime and finally an app development team has listened to the wants of their users. The new Pinterest app is designed to work on all Android phones and tablets and will function regardless of the speed or screen size of the viewing device.

The iPad Pinterest Community

The iPad Pinterest community also benefits from the new app since the iPad app provides a larger viewing space while maintaining the ease of use and speed that is preferred on smaller viewing devices. iPad users can now swipe the Pinterest page to resume viewing after looking through a board and they can also use the embedded browser to see what items are being pinned on other websites.

The iPhone Pinterest Community

iPhone Pinterest users have not been left out in the development of the new Pinterest app either. The newly designed iPhone app has been designed to show more per page with a two column layout that allows users to scroll through pins at a faster pace.

More from Pinterest

Pinterest users are not going to be limited to utilizing the Pinterest application on their Android, iPhone and iPad devices. Kindle Fire users are also able to download the Android Pinterest app directly from the Amazon Appstore for Android!

Winning Over Lost Customers

The new iPhone Pinterest application release is sure to make news with iPhone users as well. While iPhone users are not new to the Pinterest app, the newest version is certain to turn a few heads. The initial iPhone Pinterest app left a bad taste in many iPhone users mouths as they found it to be slow, unstable and simply not visually appealing. The newly released iPhone app however offers two column viewing, increased stability and improved speed. Additionally, the new Pinterest version 2.0.2 application for the iPhone offers users the option to save pins to the camera roll, delete a pin on the iPad and create new pins with the camera. While there are a few complaints about stability with this version of the app, it is Pinterest’s hope that these newest changes will be able to win over some of those customers it lost with its previous application version.

Pinterest App Reception

Expanding the viewing platform by creating targeted applications for Pinterest users is Pinterest’s way of opening up a whole new world of discovery and so far that world has been welcomed with open arms. One of the most accepting crowds of Pinterest users have been Android users who reveled in the release of an app designed specifically for their platform. Overall though, the launch of the Pinterest app has been everything the company hoped for and more. As the third most visited social network in the United States, Pinterest has only improved their popularity with the release of the Pinterest application for Android users and iPad users. Providing an entirely new browsing experience for these users may even have put Pinterest a notch above many competing social networks that limit their application use to Apple users.

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I was one of those lost customers they had left behind – at first I was very in to PInterest and checked it almost daily. Slowly I stopped using it less and less because not only they made it difficult to use on mobile devices but also because it was slow on my iPhone. Glad they finally came around and made some updates but I think they have a ways to go. For instance, I get a lot of the same pins showing up from multiple pinners – this is so annoying, I wish there was a way to make it only show each pin only once and then show the number of people you follow who pinned it. That is just one of the many reasons I have fallen off the Pinterest bandwagon. The only thing I use Pinterest for now is to look up ideas when I am searching for something specific like “Baby shower decor” or “30th birthday gift” but rarely do I get on just to browse. I don’t have time for another time suck. Thanks for the update, let’s hope there is more!


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