How to Recover RAID Partition

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Circut boardGot a busted or corrupted RAID drive? We just ran into this problem actually – we had a couple hard drives setup in a RAID 0 (stripe) array, and mistakenly corrupted the MBR when fiddling around with the partitions in BootIt NG. It all started when a SATA connector on our Asus motherboard went bust.

Don’t Mess With the MBR!

Alas, if we hadn’t corrupted the partition and file structure by restoring an old MBR, we’d probably be fine. We could simply use Disk Utilities’ Raid2Raid software to remount our RAID drives as a slave configuration on a new PC. But since the RAID partition is corrupted, we need to find a way to recover it, or at least the files on it.

How to Recover a Corrupted RAID Partition

There’s a slew of software utilities out there offering to recover RAID partition, but in our experience there’s only one that really gets the job done – and that’s GetDataBack by Runtime Software. It’s slightly pricey depending on the job you need to get done, but still less expensive than many professional recovery services, and priceless if you’re recovering important data.

Should I Try FIXMBR?

We get questions from users about trying the Windows fixmbr utility from the Recovery Console. In our experience, you only want to try this as a last resort – as it could further mess up your MBR. Furthermore, you’ll need to actually be able to boot into the Windows Recovery console in order to take advantage of the fixmbr utility (and you may want to try fixboot before that to simply recover the boot record and make your partition bootable again).

Use a Data Recovery Team

But again, your best bet for data recovery is to leave the drive as is and try recovering data first (without actually writing to the RAID drive). Then if that doesn’t work, contact a professional data recovery team. If your data is not that important and you don’t want to spend on a data recovery team, you can try various tools to see if you can repair the MBR.

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I’ve been doing this on my previous days working on my computer, trying to organize and defragment my drive. But I never quite understood the concept of partitioning a RAID drive. Since two separate drives are chained together, how could a partition cross the “gap” between the two drives? Seeing them as one volume now, it makes more sense.


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