Shopify Plus Review: Taking Ecommerce to New Heights?

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Credit card on laptop: Shopify Plus ReviewHas your online store outgrown the ecommerce software you’ve been using? Or are you unhappy with your current enterprise ecommerce platform? If so, you may want to consider migrating your store to Shopify Plus. What is Shopify Plus? You’ve likely heard of Shopify, the hugely popular ecommerce software. Shopify Plus is the company’s enterprise level ecommerce platform that’s taking many high-volume and fast-growing merchants to new levels of ecommerce possibilities. Read our Shopify Plus review to see what this powerhouse software can do for your online store.

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Review Overview

Intuitive Interface
Site Reliability/Uptime
Online Store Features
Customer Support


We give Shopify Plus high marks for ease of use, site reliability, and superb customer support. At the enterprise level, you'll likely have to rely on many apps and integrations for the functionality you want, but that comes with the cloud-based territory. The price is a bit higher, but we think it's worth it for what you get.

Key Features

  • Fully hosted SaaS ecommerce platform
  • 0% transaction fees
  • 200TB of storage
  • Ability to handle 10,000 checkouts per minute
  • 70+ payment gateways
  • Migration from 40+ platforms with dedicated assistance
  • Integration with FedEx, UPS, USPS
  • Built-in analytics and reporting, including Google Analytics
  • Solid point of sale system (POS) available (additional fees apply)
  • Get paired with one of their Shopify Plus Partners to enhance your online store’s marketing and sales goals (15+ partners, including Barrel, Rocket Code, TygerShark and more)



  • Free dedicated launch specialists
  • Unlimited bandwidth, sales, visitors and products
  • 99.99% site uptime
  • 1,000+ apps/integrations including Google Analytics and Quickbooks
  • Sell via social channels and marketplaces like Facebook and Amazon
  • Excellent 24/7 customer service and reputation (phone, email and live chat)
  • Full customization with customer checkout, reporting and many other features
  • High 256-bit encryption level
  • On the pricey side
  • Many ecommerce features only available through Shopify plug-ins (some free, some not)

Shopify Plus Pricing

Shopify Plus includes 24/7 customer support, unlimited bandwidth, and no transaction fees. They also offer a free 14-day trial, with no credit card required. You must contact Shopify for their Plus Plan pricing. Advanced Shopify is $299 per month (just to give you a reference point), so you can expect to pay much more for a starting cost of Shopify Plus. Shopify Plus will negotiate with you based on your sales volumes, the level of support needed and other factors on a flat fee per month.

How Does Shopify Plus Check Out With Users?

Read the positive and negative consumer reviews we’ve found around the web about Shopify Plus. We usually find a larger balance of reviews, but with Shopify and Shopify Plus, a large majority of reviews are extremely positive.

Positive Reviews

It’s fast and it’s flexible. Shopify is on the cutting edge of ecommerce technology and has made it easy for us to explore new selling channels. The platform is constantly improving. It’s intuitive for all of our staff to use. It scales really flexibly with growing businesses. We have always received excellent support. Shopify really cares about your business needs and wants you to succeed. We also have an amazing Shopify dev team (Riessgroup) who has knocked all of our major development and design projects out of the park. It definitely helps to have a good Shopify Expert to work with. – Thomas W., G2Crowd 5/19/2016

It’s the platform of choice for any e-commerce website. Compared to others, such as Magento, it really makes the entire experience easy yet powerful for all people involved from developer, to merchant, to consumer…We are an e-commerce agency, building websites for some of the biggest businesses out there. All of our e-commerce websites use the Shopify platform…Shopify Plus integrates so well with other services, and keeps all levels of the online shopping experience in one place. It really saves a developer or manager a lot of headache that can arise with other e-commerce platforms. – Engineer in IT,TrustRadius 4/29/2016

Negative Reviews

Multi-store and localization are tricky, but like all platforms there are drawbacks that can be overcome with the right engineering and management of a project. The POS integration is decent, but still in it’s infancy…Arguably the content management of Pages and Blogs needs to be reworked. It’s limiting that we have to work within a box when it comes to /pages… I would kill for the freedom I used to have on self-hosted systems, but that trade-off pales when it comes to never dealing with the BS of maintaining the backend systems. – Eric C., G2Crowd 5/12/2016

The native reporting in Shopify is not as in depth as one would hope. They often rely on third party apps to fill any gaps they’ve missed. For example, it would be nice to be able to input the costs of your products included in the Shopify admin so we can run reports with margins included. We haven’t received a ton of advice in terms of business suggestions or guidance. It would be great to guide those merchants who are new to eCommerce to help them navigate pitfalls and common problems. – Paul P., TrustRadius 5/2/2016

See the Power Behind Shopify Plus

Check out the video below to see how Marshawn Lynch, former running back for the Buffalo Bills and Seattle Seahawks and Superbowl champ, used Shopify Plus to launch his Beast Mode Apparel.

How Does Shopify Plus Compare?

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Shopify Plus is making a name for itself among well-established enterprise ecommerce platforms, such as Magento EE and Demandware. And rightly so. Shopify came out on top in our Best Ecommerce Platform reviews comparison for small businesses, and Shopify Plus, like its smaller scale version, is another winner in our book. It’s a robust platform that is fully customizable and scalable. And the level of customer support you get with Shopify Plus is unmatched. If you’re not sure whether you need an enterprise level ecommerce platform, be sure to check out our Shopify Review.

Why are you considering an enterprise level ecommerce platform?

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Bert V

Awesome, I’m already a Shopify customer so exciting that this plus version exists as I am about ready for an upgrade.


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