Team Treehouse Review: Learn Technical Skills Today

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Team learning in conference roomIf you or your team want to learn coding or programming, Team Treehouse is the website for you. Does monthly based pricing, no contracts, an online community, mobile access and more sound good to you? Treehouse offers all of that and more. Read our review for pros, cons, key features, pricing and more to see if this website can teach you a thing or two.

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Review Overview

Customer Service & Reputation
Courses Available
Course Feedback


In our TeamTreehouse reviews, the company lost points for having fewer courses available than its competitors. But, we like that Treehouse charges by the month instead of per course. Customers' feedback says that the Treehouse course instructors are engaging and are not monotonous.

Key Features

  • Train your staff in WordPress, HTML, Java and more
  • Mobile access
  • Practice what you learn through quizzes and challenges
  • New content released weekly
  • Treehouse coding and Treehouse programming are popular subjects to learn



  • 7-day free trial
  • More than 1,000 videos
  • Hands on practice with Code Challenge Engine
  • Members only forums
  • Goal setting and achievement feature
  • Available on Android, iPhone, iPad and computers
  • No contracts
  • Only technical computer-centric courses available like design and development for the web
  • No discounts for long-term commitment/membership in exchange for no contract

Treehouse Pricing

You can test out Treehouse courses with a 7-day free trial via this link.

  • Basic: $25/month
  • Pro: $49/month (includes video talks with professionals, workshops and interviews, progress reports, offline viewing and more)

Group memberships are available, but you must contact their sales team via the contact form on their website (click on link above).


There are no Treehouse coupons available.

Most Customers Love Team Treehouse Online Learning

Finding reviews from customers online was a little tricky. We only found one website that offered a compilation of customer reviews and the majority of them were positive, which is great to hear since it’s our top pick for coders and programmers. This is also why you’ll only find one negative review in the section below while there are two positive reviews.

Positive Reviews

Team Treehouse has been a very valuable resource to me in becoming a software engineer. A couple years ago I decided I didn’t like my current job, and I decided to use Team Treehouse to become something else. It worked very well. I now work for a mobile app development company, make a 6 figure salary, and love my job. Team Treehouse helped me achieve all this by not just teaching me to code, but to be a coder and think creatively about problems. – Richard W., Switchup 3/2016

I benefited from Treehouse’s delivery of content/material. The instructors weren’t monotonous in their tone and it was easy to absorb the information with the examples. Definitely something you want to do as you’re applying to bootcamps – worth the $. – Fareez A., Switchup 1/2015

Negative Reviews

Not worth the money, this company is more interested in advertising and having a clean interface than the substance of their courses. Do yourself a favour and spend time looking for information written by impassioned hobbyists who are interested in teaching. This is nothing but a cash cow. – Anonymous, Switchup 5/2017

Video Updates From Treehouse Learning

Treehouse creates short video updates weekly to show you what’s new at Team Treehouse. Check out a sample video below and if you want to learn more, read our interview with a member from Treehouse.

Is Treehouse Worth It?

Visit Treehouse Website

Treehouse is a great e-learning site if you want to further your technical skills and advance your career. In fact, many Treehouse customers utilize online learning to make themselves more desirable to potential employers. In 2015, 28.5% of corporate training hours were through online or computer-based technologies. If you’re looking for a solution for your team, Treehouse is a great option to teach your team how to use WordPress, CSS, JavaScript, Virtual Reality and more.

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Anyone else used Treehouse? Seems like a great way to brush up on my coding skills and a good price too, will try out the free link, thanks!


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