Udemy Review: Personal and Professional Online Learning

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Udemy on iPad screen in libraryIf you want to learn a variety of skills, Udemy is the site for you. From cooking to coding, Udemy can help teach you more than you could imagine. You pay for the Udemy courses you want to take and then your learning begins. If you’re an expert in a subject, you can even create your own course and make money through Udemy. Learn more about this online learning site by reading further.

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Review Overview

Customer Service & Reputation
Courses Available
Course Feedback


Udemy has a great reputation with a large number of courses available. Each course has a section for reviews so you can get an idea if it is a course you'd be interested in. However, since you have to purchase each class separately, the costs can add up quickly.

Key Features



  • Available on Android, iOS and computers
  • Some free courses
  • Reviews available for each course so you can make a more informed decision on a course before you spend the cash
  • More than 42,000 courses in more than 80 languages
  • You can create your own course, if you qualify, and earn money if your course sells
  • Good customer service reputation
  • Groups get a discount so might work well for a corporate training option
  • Large database of classes can be overwhelming
  • Individual classes can add up and be expensive
  • No subscription option or discounts for loyalty (if you take one course, you get no benefit to return to Udemy for the next)
  • If you decide to create a course, the minimum length is 30 minutes (which may be too long for some topics) and deleting lectures can be difficult

Udemy Cost

Udemy pricing is set up by the course. Courses cost $10 to $200 and there are no Udemy subscription plans, contracts or monthly fees for individuals taking the course. If you are an instructor, you receive a portion of the profit made by your course.

Udemy Coupon Code

Your first course with Udemy is $24 and no promocode is needed. Use this link to take advantage of this offer.

Do Users Like Udemy?

We think it’s important to hear from customers before purchasing to get a better idea of what the company excels at and where they fall short. Below are a couple of positive and negative reviews we found online for you to consider.

Positive Reviews

They had a lot of courses but to find them you had to do a Google search for them. But they had a great variety of courses to choose from. I found it so confusing I stopped using it. I would recommend them fixing the site to have more subscribers because I know others feel the same way but not saying it. They are trying to educate the people which is a good thing. With knowledge comes power so that’s a must. So I give them a plus for trying to help out. – Melissa, Consumer Affairs 8/29/2016

I was stuck and when i posted my question within a very short , short time i received feedback. i expected it to take 48 hrs min. I was very impressed. not only were they fast, they anticipated my problem since i was NOT completely clear in STATING IT, *** KUDOS TO (LARAVEL) AND EDWIN DIAZ AND ALSO (REACT0 ANDREW MEAD. – Pete, TrustPilot 1/18/2017

Negative Reviews

I purchased a course yesterday and one today. Both courses in the span of an hour disappeared from my “Courses” list. They were there an hour ago. And when reaching out to Udemy support their response time was estimated at 1-2 business days. I don’t have time for this. – Jay, Consumer Affairs 5/3/2017

This review is from instructor side. I have submitted my video for test , and I have resieved the answer, that it is not my video??? I have contacted customer service. Keily from customer service, was very kind. But, she couldn’t help me. Thouse guys from video test crew, just been kidding me. I have been following their own instructions. Probably, they haven’t read it.. Poor management, not friendly stuff. – Vadim G., TrustPilot 5/2/2017

How to Pronounce Udemy

Our team was discussing Udemy and we realized some of us were pronouncing it differently from others. This made us wonder who was correct. Udemy has this video online to help people realize how to properly say the company name. Check it out below.

Corporate Training Through Udemy

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The demand for corporate online training continues to grow, proving that Udemy training could be a viable option for many companies. If your company is changing software or hardware, Udemy may be a good option to train your staff on how to use the new program. Plus, it may be less expensive and more convenient than hiring an on-site trainer.

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Anita Paul
Anita Paul

Edureka is also just like udemy it also provides awesome courses and you can enroll in any course you want. I like edureka is better than udemy because it provides better discounts with awesome courses.


I’ve used Udemy and they are awesome! My employer ever paid for it. Highly recommend.


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