No Tooling Around with the UniversalKey in Drupal

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Are you seeing the error message unknown toolbar item “UniversalKey” popup in a Drupal environment when you load up an FCKeditor window? This is a result of an update to the native FCKeditor software that caused the removal of the “UniversalKey” button. The “UniversalKey” button was one that loaded a Universal Keyboard that allowed the use of different keyboard layouts based on language and country of origin. Unfortunately, FCKeditor did not have a license to use the Universal Keyboard, so they had to remove it in the update to FCKeditor 2.4. Future releases no longer use the Universal Keyboard button. The Drupal FCKeditor module, however, did not catch up (ie. did not have the Universal Keyboard removed from its “DrupalFull” toolbar set, and therefore, when it tries to load the Universal Keyboard button that is not there, the unknown toolbar item “Universal Key” error gets thrown). The most current version of the Drupal FCKeditor module fixes the problem.

How to fix this error with FCKeditor?

The simplest way to resolve this error is to update your FCKeditor Drupal module. If you don’t wish to do this, you can edit the toolbar set in Drupal’s FCKeditor module directly. To do this, simply edit the fckeditor.config.js file in your FCKeditor module directory. You’ll see an entry that looks like the following:

FCKConfig.ToolbarSets[“DrupalFull”] = […


Simply remove the UniversalKey button so the line looks like this:


and the error will stop being thrown.

Where can I get back the Universal Keyboard?

For those that are really attached to the universal keyboard, there is a way to obtain it, just not officially from FCKeditor. It’s in the list of FCKeditor plugins. You may access the plugin directly via its SourceForge page.

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