WWDC Keynote 2013 Highlights

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The 24th annual Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2013 (WWDC) held in San Francisco, California, is now completely underway after the keynote address at the Moscone Center announcing a large amount of new technologies from the computer company Apple, Inc. Tickets to the conference sold out in just 71 seconds. The conference runs from June 10-14, 2013.

Apple, Inc. Updates

  • Apple says they have over 6 million registered developers (1.5 million added since last WWDC in 2012.)
  • They say they have 1 million daily visitors to their 407 Apple Retail stores (located in 14 countries) for the last year.
  • Apple says they have 74% of the total app download revenue across the whole mobile app market.
  • Mac installed base at 72 million (double what it was 5 years ago).
  • 5 year average annual growth: 15% for Mac and 3% for PC computers.
  • 5 year total growth: 100% for Mac and 18% for PC computers.
  • 28 million copies of the Mountain Lion Mac OSX 10.8 sold.
  • 35% of Mac users are using the latest version of Mac OSX 10.8 and according to Apple, Windows 8 is still under 5%.

Mac OS 10.9 (Sea Lion Mavericks)

  • Focused on better battery life, responsiveness and performance.
  • Finder Tabs is about like it sounds, a familiar browser feature for your Finder.
  • Better multi-display support gives you multiple menus, toolbars, docks and more.
  • Tagging for your files, across your Finder, apps and in iCloud.
  • More iOS-like features, like Siri voice assistant, quicker multitask and more.
  • iBooks on your Mac, giving users access to 1.8 million books on the iBooks store.
  • Optimized CPU usage with a reduction of usage up to 72%.
  • iCloud Keychain suggests, stores, encrypts and automatically enters your passwords that are sync’d across your devices.
  • Safari is supposedly faster and more stable than ever; has process-per-tab architecture, App Nap integration, requires less GPU, less energy and has faster JavaScript execution.
  • Full-screen for apps is fixed… something Mountain Lion users were waiting for.
  • Apple’s Map app now can send directions from desktop to mobile, so you can have your turn-by-turns directions on your device you take with you.
  • Updates to Mission Control, Notifications, Calendar, automatic app updating, and a lot more.
  • Final release of Mac OS 10.9 (Mavericks) will be available this Fall.

MacBook Air (All Day Battery Life?)

  • 11-inch starts at $999 for the 128GB flash storage version or $1,199 for the 256GB flash storage version.
  • 13-inch starts at $1,099 for the 128GB flash storage version or $1,299 for the 256GB flash storage version.
  • 11-inch has 9 hours battery life and 13-inch has 12 hours battery life!
  • Touts the ability to wake-up in a second or stay on standby for 30 days.
  • Enhanced battery life and smarter low-power states.
  • Faster 4th generation Intel core processor (Haswell ULT).
  • 802.11ac Wi-Fi networking, up to 3x times faster of 802.11n.
  • Up to 40% faster graphics and with 2x GPU execution units.

Apple Networking (New AirPort Base Stations)

  • AirPort Extreme and AirPort Time Capsule.
  • 3-stream 802.11ac Wi-Fi.
  • Simultaneous dual-band.
  • Beamforming antenna array.
  • 2TB or 3TB hard drive.

The New 2013 Mac Pro (Black and Cylindrical)

  • The long awaited update for the Mac Pro computer product line.
  • Said to be up to 2x faster than the previous Mac Pro.
  • New cylindrical design at 1/8 of the previous volume.
  • Handle on top, motion sensor, I/O back lights and more.
  • Has central thermal core running a 12-core Intel Xeon processor (256-bit-wide floating point, PCI Express gen 3). This is 2.x faster than the previous generation.
  • Fastest ECC memory Apple’s ever put in a product (1,866MHz DDR3, four-channel controller, 60 GBps bandwidth), which is 2.x faster than previous generation.
  • New generation flash internal storage: PCIe controller, 1.25GBps reads and 1.0GBps writes! Up to 10x faster than what was previously in Mac Pro computers.
  • Expansion is external over Thunderbolt 2 at 20 Gbps throughput, 6 devices per port and backwards compatible with Thunderbolt 1 and Firewire. It’s 2.x faster than previous generation.
  • Dual workstation AMD FirePro Graphics GPUs (4096 stream processors, 384-bit memory buses, 528 GBps total bandwidth), which support up to three 4K displays. 2.5x faster than previous generation.
  • Coming later this year and assembled in the USA.

Apple’s iCloud

  • 300 million users, makes it the fastest-growing cloud service ever.
  • Game Center now with 240 million users.
  • 800 billion iMessages sent and 7.4 trillion Push Notifications.
  • iWork for iCloud: runs in Chrome (and IE) on Windows 8.
  • Pages, Numbers and Keynote apps now on iCloud in the browser too.

Apple App Store

  • 50 billion apps have been downloaded!
  • The App Store turns 5 years-old.
  • Apple has 575 million store accounts.
  • 900,000 iOS apps (93% of those are downloaded every month).
  • Apple says they have more credit cards of any other web stores that they know of.
  • 375,000 apps designed for iPad.
  • Apple has paid out $10 billion to app developers!

iOS 7

  • iOS doing better than ever… largely due to fragmentation of Android.
  • Over 90% of iOS users on iOS 6.
  • Says biggest change since the intro of the iPhone, literally, hundreds of new features.
  • Multi-tasking for all apps with great battery life.
  • New user interface look and design with parallax effects.
  • New control center allows for easy access to common settings like brightness.
  • Notification center new today view available from lock screen.
  • AirDrop to share with people around you, no need to bump anymore.
  • Update Siri + integrated with car.
  • Improved Apple maps with turn-by-turn navigation, 3D and tons more.
  • Cars now having iOS in built in dashboard display.
  • App store will be updating your apps automatically.

iTunes + iTunes Radio

  • iTunes Radio! The rumors where true! Watch-out Pandora and Spotify!
  • iTunes Radio on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, PC, or Apple TV.
  • Stream audio from more than 200 genre-focused stations.
  • The more you listen, the more personalized your stations become.
  • Built-in Siri support… tell Siri “Play more like this” or “Who sings this?”.
  • iTunes Radio is ad-free with an iTunes Match subscription.
  • Turn up the volume this Fall for free.

Well done Apple!

A very impressive amount of upgrades nearly across the board for Apple products. The next WWDC will hopefully have some mobile hardware upgrades! What do you think about Apple’s new updates? Let us and our readers know by leaving a comment below.

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